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Den Berg zu erleben, bedeutet auch deren Umwelt kennen zu lernen und zu respektieren.

Der Bergführer ist ein wichtiger Bezugspunkt um die Bergwelt in ganzer Sicherheit und Schönheit zu geniessen. 

Mit ihm bei Seite wird jede Wanderung oder Klettertour ein einizgartiges Erlebniss. Zuverlässigkeit und Professionalität des Bergführer teilen euch kostbare Werte der Bergwelt mit um einen echten Abenteure zu erleben.




The qualification of Alpine Guide is recognised internationally and guarantees a high standard of quality and safety when guides accompany and teach people in any mountain environment. The international badge and membership card of the official organisation of Alpine Guides and Mountaineering Instructors are awarded to candidates who successfully complete a training course and pass an extremely difficult examination.



Madonna di Campiglio Bergführer

Founded in 1911, the group of Mountain Guides Campiglio is the oldest association dedicated to guest service, attention to the area and promote tourism.

The Alpine Guides of Madonna di Campiglio, whose history dates back one hundred years, are experts in the local area and will take you into the best hidden and unspoilt corners of the mountains to show you their fabulous secrets. The Alpine Guides offer a wide range of initiatives for the summer, including via ferratas, and climbing, both classic-style climbing and sports-style, bouldering, high mountain, trekking, canyoning, tarzaning, nature walks, specials for children, journeys and expeditions. Winter initiatives: ice & dry, alpineering ski, freeride, snowshoes..


Pinzolo Val Rendena Alpine Guides and territory guides


In1886 SAT issues the rules of Rendena guides, and from there the history of Pinzolo guides has started.

In 1948 the first meeting of the Guides Group took place and an organized group with the local mountain professionalism was created.

From that time many things have changed, from the alpinists in the mountains to the equipment used, but  the majestic Brenta Dolomites and Adamello/Presanella groups are still the same nowadays.




Alpin Days Madonna di Campiglio


Alpine Guide Adriano Alimonta.

Alpine guide and ski teacher. Trekking, vie ferrate, glacier excursions, climbing, hiking to the most famous peaks, excursions with snow shoes, mountaineering ski, freeride, ice waterfall climbing, courses.




Alpine guide and mountaineering ski teacher Davide Ortolani, Territory Guide Giulia Andina.

The mountain with all its colours and aspects, in its adventures and teachings together with competent and passionate experts...wildlife watching to feel with all senses, climb and get the easy or difficult peak, or enjoy the view down, tasting a snack, touch the rock and learn how to climb, ski on powder snow, hike in the glacier and get amazing place, know the mountain plants and animals. Excursions, climbing and personalized courses for indivi- duals, groups and families.



Mountain Guide Dolomiti Adamello
Alpine Guide Aldo Turri

In winter: daily snow-shoes excursions, excursions by night with dinner in mountain restaurants, mountaineering ski and ice climbing. In spring snow shoes excursions and mountaineering ski on Adamello glacier.

In summer: excursions, vie ferrate, climbing and courses.






Verzeichnis und Adresse

der Bergführerschulen


Pinzolo und Campiglio in einer Skiarea verbunden

Skiarea Campiglio

Wohin zum Skifahren in den Ferien? Die neue Skigegend bietet beste Möglichkeiten zum Skifahren in Campiglio und Pinzolo! Die Skianlagen sind schnell und modern, und die Pisten in Madonna di Campiglio und Pinzolo sind in perfektem Zustand!


Sito fondazione Dolomiti UnescoSito Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta Funivie di Pinzolo Funivie di Campiglio  Sito Skirama Dolomitiair dolomiti

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