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Piazza Righi (B3)
38086 Madonna Di Campiglio

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Opened five years ago, the Ferrari Lounge quickly became a symbol of Madonna di Campiglio. This success convinced the Lunelli family, owners of Trento’s prestigious Ferrari Winery, to continue along this path, the result of an intuition of Carlo Filiberto Bleggi. Indeed, the Campiglio experience was then followed, in chronological order, by the Crudo Ferrari Lounge in Rome, Ferrari Spazio Bollicine Gran Caffè La Caffettiera in Naples, and, finally – at least for now – Spazio Bollicine Ferrari in the square in Porto Cervo, all of which have been named after Italy’s favorite sparkling wines. This Italian wine is prominently featured in these “Spazi Bollicine” (“bubbly spaces”), settings devoted to refinement, and is served in these places that epitomize of elite tourism and business travel. All Ferrari sparkling wine labels are always present and served directly and exclusively in the precious 1.5-liter Magnum. The great wine list is complemented by a wide selection of the finest in Italian cuisine – From fresh Calvisius caviar always with the best Giulio Ferrari vintages to the Italian and Trentino Slow Food deli meats and cheeses, as well as the great range of pasta that chef Ivan Gavioli prepares using exclusively the high-quality single-grain pasta of Pastificio Felicetti from Predazzo (kitchen closes at 2:00am). First and only Prosciutteria in Trentino where you can taste the products of the prestigious King’s di San Daniele, in addition to the famous cakes of the Florentine master pastry chef Claudio Pistocchi.

All this and more masterfully presented by the engineer and sommelier from the Czech Republic, Milan Stefek, who has devoted his life to sharing the most famous of sparkling wines to all guests, some of whom have been very famous, who come to the Pearl of the Dolomites to visit his sparkling locale.

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