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Snowboard paradise: discover Madonna di Campiglio’s Ursus Snowpark and the Brentapark in Pinzolo


Madonna di Campiglio and Pinzolo are ideal spots for fun in the snow. For snowboarders, the two ski areas feature thrilling slopes used in international competitions, as well as specific facilities for freestylers.



Madonna di Campiglio’s Ursus Snowpark

Madonna di Campiglio’s Ursus Snowpark is considered to be one of Europe’s finest snowboard parks. In the area of Grostè, with a view of the majestic Brenta Group, the terrain here is particularly suited to forming jumps and other various structures for all levels, from beginners to the most experienced.

Ursus has been given 4.5 stars out of 5 by the international magazine and covers a surface area of 70,000m2 (17.3 acres). Snow making and daily maintenance.


Location: Madonna di Campiglio, Grostè

How to get there: take the Grostè gondola lift from the Grostè parking lot, or from the Spinale gondola lift by taking the Rododendro chairlift and the Grostè Express

Altitude: 2,500m (8,200ft)

Opening hours: 10 am – 4.30 pm


  • Boardercross;
  • Rails: 8 flat or pipe rails; 3m (9’10”) T-box; 6m (19’8”) T-box, 3.5m (11’6”) kink; 9m (29’6”) kink; 4.5m (14’9”) riser; 9m (29’6”) diagonal T-box;
  • Boxes: 6m (19’8”) rainbow; 9m (29’6”) rainbox kicker; 9m (29’6”) C-curve; 4.5m (14’9”) F-box; 4+4m (13’1”+13’1”) up-down box; 5m (16’5”) up-down box; 3+4m (9’10”+13’1”) kink; 11m (36’1”) pyramid; 3m (9’10”) F-box with rails; log jibs: horizontal, 5m (16’5”); vertical, 1.5m (3’11”)
  • Kickers & hips:

Kids: two kickers in line, 1.5m (3’11”)

Beginner: 2m (6’7”) kicker, 2m (6’7”) f-box, 3-5m (9’10”-16’5”) platform kicker

Intermediate: 7m (23’) f-box, 8m (26’3”) kicker, 5m (16’5”) kickers in line, mini step-up/step-down

Pro: 16m (52’6”) kicker, 12m (39’4”) kicker, 10m (32’10”) f-box, 12m (39’4”) step-up, 5m (16’5”) quarterpipe (15m, or 49’3”, wide)


Ursus Mini Park

Moreover, there is anothersnow park in Pradalago area, l'Ursus Mini Park for schools and beginners.

The area, dedicated to the snowboarders, feautures:

  • 2 funbox
  • 1 box pyramid
  • 1 flat box 4 mt
  • 1 flat box 3 mt

The park is going to be extended.



In Pinzolo, there’s fun and adrenaline for jibbers and shredders at the Brentapark, too, in the stunning Busa di Grual at the foot of the black-diamond Grual piste. The park is served by a four-seat, high-speed chairlift.



1 red 5-metre box, 1 red 6-9 metre jump and a black flat rail; going down, one 9-metre rainbow and 1red flat rail, followed by a beginner

area with a blue fun box, a 3+3 blue wooden box,a little rail and some easy blue jumps, which allow everyone to train before the great structures.


2 easy and funny fun boxes with some mini rails in the beginner area. More difficult structures as the big rails and the 9-meter rainbow, deciated to the more experti riders of the Brentapark.


Brentapark is open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Every weekend, Brentapark hosts a party at which music serves as a backdrop to the jibs and rails of freestylers, boardercross for kids and tricks in the half pipe.



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