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Mountain bike map

OFFICIAL TRAIL MAP, mountain bike trail map,

GPS compliant. Scale 1:35.000.

Map includes mountain bike trails in the Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo, Val Rendena area, the Dolomiti Brenta Bike expert and country routes and the bike lanes.



TOUR B2.10 Tione di Trento - Val di Breguzzo - Villa Rendena
TOUR B3.08 Madonna di Campiglio - Rifugio Graffer - Spinale
TOUR B2.14 Carisolo - Campolo - Malga Geridolo
TOUR B2.11 Val Rendena Explorer - Val San Valentino - Val di Borzago
TOUR B2.15 Val Nambrone - Laghi di Cornisello
TOUR B2.16 Madonna di Campiglio - Malga Ritort
TOUR B2.12 Caderzone - Malga Campolo
TOUR B3.01 Val Algone - Malga Movlina - Lago Valagola
TOUR B3.03 Spiazzo - Pra da l'Asan
TOUR B2.13 Val Genova
TOUR B3.06 Pinzolo - Doss del Sabion
TOUR B3.07 Madonna di Campiglio - Val Brenta


The map delivers detailed information about the route, the territory, and useful services for bikers. The map shows the type of road surface, the type of road, whether the road is open to the traffic or not, the slope gradient, arrows that show uphill and downhill, the distance between landmarks and the elevation gain. This information allows any biker to self organize the tour and estimate the difficulty of the trails that are intended to be cycled.

The map also shows services that may be useful for bikers which are located on/or closed to the route: bike hotel, repair service, first aid, restaurants, and snack bars. The map also points out famous locations from a historic, cultural, and natural point of view.


GPS (Global Position System) is a worldwide navigation system based on satellites. Location coordinates are provided according to the UTM-system. The area covered by this map lies in zone 32. To navigate with this map and GPS receiver, set the receiver to WGS 84 and UTM projection.


Levels of difficulty

Routes with more than 1500 meters total climb that feature both uphill and downhill rides. These trails demand high levels of technical ability, physical condition, and good equipment.
Routes with gradients up to 1500m that can feature both uphill and downhill rides as well as dirt roads that require good equipment and good physical condition.
Mountain bike trails that are comfortable, pleasant, and made for everyone. These trails have minimal differences in elevation and are located on cycle paths, paved roads, or small sections of gravel roads.



You can have tha map for free or paying € 5,00 for the pvc version at ours offices.

Pinzolo and Campiglio linked in one ski area

Skiarea Campiglio

Where can you ski during your holidays? The new skiarea offers the best of skiing in Campiglio and Pinzolo! The skilifts are fast and modern and the slopes of Madonna di Campiglio and Pinzolo are always in perfect conditions.


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