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Wellness in Trentino is assured when staying in a participating Vita Nova Trentino Wellness hotel.

Vita Nova is a wellness club of the 46 best facilities throughout the Trentino region, selected based on high standards of quality, of which 5 are in Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo and Val Rendena: Alpen Suite Hotel, Boutique Hotel Chalet Dolce Vita, Spinale Hotel, Hotel Cristina (Pinzolo), Centro Pineta Family Hotel & Wellness (Pinzolo)


In every Vita Nova hotel, you will find the best blend of high-quality accommodations and an offering of wellness services that provide quality in every detail. The offering of “Vita Nova” hotels can be personalized based on 3 different categories: Beauty, Activity and Family.


The Beauty offering is ideal for those wanting to spoil themselves and be caressed by expert hands during soothing treatments, and to simply relax on a terrace surrounded by the Dolomites as you take in all of nature’s beauty.


For those of you who want a bit of physical activity on your vacation, there is the Activity offering, and Madonna di Campiglio-Pinzolo and Val Rendena provide a multitude of opportunities for both summer and winter sports.


For vacations for the whole family, you can choose the Family offering, which feature kids’ clubs (“miniclubs”) and lots of outdoor activities.


Wellness extends to the dinner table, too. All of the hotels offer delightful, wholesome cuisine, which respects tradition while remaining healthy and light.


Choose the Beauty, Activity of Family hotel that’s right for you! Below you can find details on all of the hotels that are members of Vita Nova Trentino Wellness in Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo and Val Rendena.


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