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Лыжный альпинизм

An alternative to traditional alpine ski, ski mountaineering is particularly well suited to the area surrounding Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo and Val Rendena. Breathtaking itineraries take you to Cima Roma, Cima Vagliana, Bocca dei Camosci or across the solitary Val Gelada, to Cima Presanella, Cima Scarpacò, Monte Ritòrt, Monte Serodoli, Cima Schultz and open the way to the untouched snow of the woods beneath the Brenta Group.


We recommend always go with a professional alpine guide, who can provide their expertise in spotting the hazards that the mountains hide to the untrained eye.


Itineraries in the Brenta Group



Bocchetta dei Tre Sassi (Val Gelada) 2613 m

From Campo Carlo Magno through Malga Mondifra’ and Val Gelada

img_ext Scarica l'itinerario (160 K)

    BS 5 hours O 997


    square at  Grosté cableway start (1651 m), wide parking
    Heigh difference 997 m
    Time up 3,30 hours; down 1,30 hour
    Difficulty BS
    Exposure west
    Equipment normal ski mountaineering equipment
    INFO classical excursion, popular and satisfying. Be careful, possible avalanches on Mondifra’ Alto hill side.



    Cima Vagliana 2861 m

    From the middle station of Grosté cableway through Orti della Regina

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      OSA 4,30 hours E 786


      middle station of Grosté cableway (2075 m)
      Heigh difference 786 m
      Time up 3,00 hours; down 1,30 hour
      Difficulty OSA
      Exposure east
      Equipment mountain ax, crampons, sling and rope 

      difficult itinerary of great satisfaction, above all in its climbing part. In the part where you can ski, the itinerary goes beyond the steep slopes of Orti della Regina area, while in the highest part, where you can't ski, it goes along the ridge to Cima Vaglianella.



      Cima Roma 2837 m

      From the arrival station of Grostè cableway

      img_ext Download (160 K)

        MS 4 hours N 400


        arrival station of Grosté cableway (2437 m)
        Heigh difference 400 m
        Time up 2,30 hours; down 1,30 hour
        Difficulty MS
        Exposure north
        Equipment normal ski mountaineering itinerary
        INFO easy excursion, without dangers and very popular. It is characterized by a long plain with ups and downs and it is necessary to put the sealskins during the return as well. Not advisable with thick fog. 



        Bocca dei Camosci 2784 m

        From Plaza through Val di Brenta and Vedretta dei Camosci

        img_ext Scarica l'itinerario (160 K)

          OS 8,30 hours N-O 1636


          middle station of  Pinzolo-Campiglio cableway (Plaza) 1148 m
          Heigh difference 1636 m
          Time up 5,30 hours; down 3,00 hours
          Difficulty OS
          Exposure mainly north-west
          Equipment normal ski mountaineering itinerary

          difficult itinerary, long and hard uphill. Important the spotting of a key point (La Scala), above all during downhill. Possible avalanches from the northern sides of Fracingli.



          Rifugio XII Apostoli 2489 m

          From Plaza through Val d’Agola and Lago Asciutto

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            BS 6,30 ore N-O-S 1341


            middle station of  Pinzolo-Campiglio gondola lift (Plaza) 1148 m
            Heigh difference 1341 m
            Time up 4,30 hours; down 2,00 hours
            Difficulty BS
            Exposure north, west, south
            Equipment normal ski mountaineering itinerary
            INFO beautiful itinerary, not difficult but long and hard. Be careful of possible avalanches on the steep slope after Lago Asciutto.


            Itineraries in the Presanella Group



            Cima Presanella 3558 m

            From S. Antonio di Mavignola through Val Nambrón and Segantini refuge

            img_ext Scarica l'itinerario (160 K)

              OSA 4,30/11 hours E 1287/1185


              hairpin bend n° 4 (km 25,4 - 1086 m) of S.S. 239 Pinzolo - Campiglio, just below S. Antonio di Mavignola village
              Heigh difference 1st day 1287 m (overnight stay at Rif. Segantini); 2nd day  1185 m
              Time up 1st day  4,30 hours; 2nd day 5,30 hours;  downhill 5,30 hours
              Difficulty OSA
              Exposure mainly east
              Equipment rope, mountain ax and crampons
              INFO Long and difficult itinerary, extraordinary landscape.



              Cima Scarpacò 3252 m

              Da S. Antonio di Mavignola attraverso i Laghi di Cornisello

              img_ext Scarica l'itinerario (160 K)

                MSA 10,30 hours E 2166


                hairpin bend n° 4 (km 25,4 1086 m) of  S.S. 239 Pinzolo- Campiglio, just below S. Antonio di Mavignola village
                Heigh difference 2166 m
                Time up 8,00 hours; down 2,30 hours
                Difficulty MSA
                Exposure east
                Equipment crampons
                INFO Long and difficult itinerary. It is advisable to divide it into two days: overnightstay at  Malga Cornisello, with six beds without blankets and with wood stove.



                Monte Ritòrt 2411 m

                From Madonna di Campiglio through Malga Ritòrt, Lago Ritòrt and Passo della Falculotta

                img_ext Download (160 K)

                  MS 5 hours E-N 1000


                  forest road at km 21,4 of S.S. 239 Pinzolo-Campiglio at  2,5 km from Campiglio; lay-by  with bench panca, 1370 m about
                  Heigh difference 1000 m
                  Time up 3,30 hours; down 1,30 hours
                  Difficulty MS
                  Exposure mainly east, then north
                  Equipment normal ski mountaineering itinerary
                  INFO A few popular excursion but satisfying



                  Monte Serodoli 2708 m

                  From Madonna di Campiglio through Laghi Nambino, Nero and Serodoli

                  img_ext Download (160 K)

                    MS 5 hours E 1074


                    Malga Nambino (Dancing La Zangola) 1634 m, raggiungibile da Campiglio per strada carrozzabile.
                    Heigh difference 1074 m
                    Time salita ore 3,30; discesa ore 1,30
                    Difficulty MS
                    Exposure east
                    Equipment normal ski mountaineering excusion
                    INFO Varied itinerary, one of the classic excursion from Madonna di Campiglio.



                    Cima Schulz 2614 m

                    from Genzianella restaurant through Lago Malghette

                    img_ext Scarica l'itinerario (160 K)

                      BSA 5,30 hours E 1058


                      square of Ristorante Genzianella 1556 m, few km after Passo di Campo Carlo Magno, along Campiglio-Dimaro road
                      Heigh difference 1058 m
                      Time up 4,00 hours; down 1,30 hour
                      Difficulty BSA
                      Exposure mainly east
                      Equipment crampons
                      INFO interesting, varied and not difficult itinerary



                      img_ext Bocca di Tuckett

                      img_ext Graffer attraverso Fevri

                      img_ext Graffer per Malga Vagliana


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                      Presanella Group traverse

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