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Tрадиционная кухня и рецепты

The culinary tradition of the Val Rendena valley points to its impoverished roots, with its wholesome ingredients and the exquisitely authentic flavors of corn and flour for polenta, garden produce, and herbs and other aromas.

Sausages and cheeses, polenta, mushrooms and wild game are typical Val Rendena delicacies.

The area also features a variety of grappas flavored with wild berries and other mountain plants, such as dwarf pine and woodruff, as well as a unique spirit distilled from gentian root, which is made exclusively in the valley and is ideal as a digestive after even the most lavish of meals.


There are also a great many farms throughout the valley which are the source of wholesome, organic products such as honey, milk, yogurt, sausage meats and cheeses. Of particular note is the Spressa delle Giudicarie (DOP), a cheese made from the milk of Rendena cows, the only breed of cattle that is native to the Trentino area and to which a traditional end-of-summer event is held: the Giovenche di Razza Rendena – sfilata e dintorni (Rendena Heifers – parade and other events).



Recipes of Rendena Valley

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recipes of Rendena Valley






Pinzolo и Campiglio-единая зона катания-Skiarea

Skiarea Campiglio

Куда поехать кататься на лыжах? Новая Skiarea Pinzolo-Madonna di Campiglio,предлагает любителям зимнегo отдыха самое лучшее. К услугам гостей-быстрые и современные подъёмники а также снежные трассы всегда в идеальном состоянии.


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