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History and culture

Historical Outline

a few notes on Madonna di Campiglio history

The first historical notes on Madonna di Campiglio

date back to 1188. Around 1180, a certain Mr.

Raimondo built  a little hospice in this area



Historical Outline

a few notes on Pinzolo & Val Rendena history

The history of  Val Rendena began during

the Bronze Age.  The valley was lived by

the Celtic and Raethian people.



Churches and sanctuaries

Church of  St. Maria Antica e Nuova in Campiglio

Church of  St. Antonio in Mavignola

Church of  St. Martino e S. Stefano in Carisolo

Church of  St. Vigilio in Pinzolo..



Palaces, Hereditary Farms,

Courtyhards & Museums

Museum of the Adamello White War,

Museum of the” Malga” (alpine hut), Lodron

Bertelli building, Glaciological center…



Baschenis and Danza Macabra

The Baschenis, itinerant  fresco painters of

Averaria, from 1470 to 1540, painted in dozen

churches of  Valli Giudicarie, Rendena..




G.Hofer and the Habsburg Court

Elisabetta di Wittelsbach princess -

the famous “Sissi”-  and Francesco

Giuseppe Emperor, left in the valley

lively and deep memories...



Carlo Magno Emperor in Val Rendena

The legendary expedition of Carlo Magno

Is described in details in the

"Privilegio di Santo Stefano" in Carisolo..





Several tales and  beliefs  in

Rendena that bring the Nordic cycle to mind

and show Early Middle Ages reminescences.




Recipes of Rendena Valley

Discover culinary traditions and

recipes of Rendena Valley






From Sissi…


to a modern ski resort


Madonna di Campiglio, whose history was largely influenced by its extraordinary alpine identity, has always fascinated travellers and famous figures, until it turned into the famous and fashionable destination it is today.

In 1886 Franz Joseph Österreicher chose Campiglio as the holiday resort for the Habsburg family and the Empress Sissi.


The beautiful landscape and the abundant snowfalls of this resort contribute to make Campiglio a leading world winter resort, renowned for its spectacular ski runs and natural beauty.


From home to the Battuti Companies


to Tourist Resort


The information we have about Pinzolo’s history in medioeval time comes from written documents mainly relating of economy and religion: in that period a strong influence was exerted by one of the first ‘Compagnie dei Battuti’ of Trentino. The “Battuti” were a religious congregation of laymen who devoted their lives to prayer, harsh penance and charity.

In the first decades of the 16th century the Baschenis, a family of itinrant painters, decorated the churches of the Rendena Valley, leaving behind important works of art that we can still admire today.


In 1823 Nepomuceno Bolognini was born in Pinzolo. He was one of the most significant figures of the Risorgimento in Trentino, the founder of the SAT, i.e. Trentino Mountaineers’ Society, a studier and spreader Pinzolo’s history and folklore.


The First World War had on the Adamello range one of its most important theatres and did not spare Pinzolo from death, danger and difficulty. Moreover, due to their extreme poverty, many people of both the village and the valley had to leave their native land and go looking for work and better conditions.


In accordance with Pinzolo’s tourist and mountain vocation, the first Alpine Rescue Corp was formed there in 1952. Soon winter tourism bloomed, and the resort has now become the ideal place for family holidays all year round.

Pinzolo и Campiglio-единая зона катания-Skiarea

Skiarea Campiglio

Куда поехать кататься на лыжах? Новая Skiarea Pinzolo-Madonna di Campiglio,предлагает любителям зимнегo отдыха самое лучшее. К услугам гостей-быстрые и современные подъёмники а также снежные трассы всегда в идеальном состоянии.


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