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Gastronomic event Festival of Polenta

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Popular culinary proposal in restaurants and pizzerias

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Gastronomic event Festival of Polenta

This year, the Polenta Festival takes on a special guise, spreading to restaurants and offering a gastronomic proposal from 2 to 31 October!

This is a culinary proposal reserved for the restaurants and pizzerias of the Valley.

For example, polenta carbonera, potato polenta, polenta macafana, polenta and venison, polenta and stew, polenta and char, polenta and snails, but also pizza, pasta, desserts and baked goods.

October is also a time of chestnuts and marroni, so the invitation goes in the direction of using local seasonal ingredients, creating a single dish that is rich and abundant in quantity and carefully prepared, both in the search for typical Trentino dishes and in its final presentation.

Go and taste the Polenta made with the exquisite flour from Storo in one of the participating restaurants soon to be available.

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