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Carisolo Family routes



ORANGE ROUTE: the Carisolo ring route

From the square of the village, turn left facing backwards the church; at the end of the road turn right and go to the state highway, cross it and take the road downhill on the right; pass under the bridge following the bicycle lane along the fluvial park up to the roundabout, turn left and cross the bridge. Go down along a little dirt path that leads to the bicycle lane. Go along the bicycle lane up to the bridge of the Pinzolo pinewood; cross the bridge and turn right, walk along the bicycle lane along the orographic side of the Sarca river towards the bridge in “Vetreria” zone (point of interest nr 2). Leave the bridge on the right and go straight ahead, take the waterfalls path towards Val Genova; after about 500 mt from the access, take a path on the left that leads to the “Marmitte dei Giganti” area in 20 minutes (point of interest nr 14). Follow the main route as far as the bridge on the Sarca di Genova river, cross it and keep the right, take the paved road and go back, next to the St. Stefano church (point of interest nr 1) along the Way of the Cross, enter into the chestnut wood (point of interest nr 13), cross the wood and go back to the center of the village.


RED ROUTE: San Martino Campolo

From the main square of the village go to the back of the church (point of interest nr 5); cross the road towards Val Genova and take the route that goes into the wood. After about 500 mt, at the crossroads keep the left and follow the route that cuts the wood for about 2 km, up to the path towards St. Martino area. From here turn right and go uphill towards the St. Martino hermitage, passing some difficult stretches. From the St. Martino hermitage (point of interest nr 3) go down along the same route up to a crossroads signed with a red arrow on a stone. From here turn left and pass a hollow, following the path into the wood. Continue following the path to a forest road. Go along the forest road to Campolo area (point of interest nr 9), a wide glade with some mountain houses and a wonderful panorama on the Brenta Dolomites and Adamello. Take the road alongside the glade and near a wooden mountain house and then take the path downhill to the wood. Follow the old street marked with dry stone walls, up to the church of the village.





Routes in the historic center of the villages, provided with all public and private facilities. Maximum accessibility.
CHILDREN up to 3-6 years - EASY
Level routes with rest stops, pic nic areas, play-ground. Maximum accessibility.
 CHILDREN up to 6-9 years - MEDIUM
 Longer routes, the most of which outside the villages; higher altitude and greater height difference. Benches and rest stops. No total accessibility because of some dirt roads.
 KIDS up to 10-12 years MEDIUM-DIFFICULT
Middle altitude routes, among woods and glades. No facilites but benches. Packed lunch is recommended.
KIDS up to 13-14 years - DIFFICULT
Hiking routes with a great height difference; it is necessary a fairly good knowledge of the mountain environment. Packed lunch.






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