Christmas "Begai"

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Christmas "Begai"

BEGAI Once upon a time, there was a small village nestled in the mountains and, guess what, it was even the smallest in Trentino. Its name was Massimeno. The inhabitants of the village, known by everyone as the 'Begai', one day decided to celebrate an unusual Christmas, rich in tradition, art and magic. So it was that, instead of cars, sheep, donkeys, cows and chickens began to 'circulate'.
In the squares and alleys there was a lot of movement. Artists and artisans from all over Val Rendena had travelled up there in the hope of selling some of their handiwork; there was the knife-grinder with his old 'grindstone', the baker, the woodcutter, the spinners, the miller, the charcuterie maker.

CHRISTMAS In the air, there was a strong smell of cheese, which the master cheese-maker prepared with passion. A small group of carolers warmed the hearts of passers-by with cheerful Christmas songs; the sounds of the alpine horn and bagpipes could be heard here and there; from afar, the voices of children engaged in breathtaking toboggan rides could be heard. Under a Cort, in the corner of the square, there was also a mailbox where every little one could bring his or her letter to Father Christmas and, accompanied by beautiful elves, admire the drawings made by children from nearby schools. There were also two very tall angels who, with solemn voices, announced the arrival of the Saviour.

BABY JESUS A shepherd from the Caderzone plain, who had followed the shining star, unexpectedly found himself in front of a grotto, where warmed by the warmth of a cow and a donkey was the Baby Jesus. So it was that all those present gathered in the square to celebrate together the little Jesus who had come into this world to bring joy, love and serenity.

This is the story Massimeno wants to tell on the occasion of the arrival of Christmas.


Scheduled events

Il Natale Dei Begai top event
December 17, 2023

Il Natale dei Begai

Christmas event organised by the Pro Loco di Massimeno in the heart of the village, this year in its third edition.

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