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Discovering the Gold of Storo

The Polenta Festival was organised for the first time in Storo in 2015, thanks to the joint work of Pro Loco Storo M2 and Cooperativa Agri '90. The event is dedicated to the Valley's flagship product, the famous yellow flour, and to the main dish of traditional mountain cuisine, namely Polenta.

Polenta carbonera, polenta macafana, polenta with turnips, polenta with walnuts, polenta cucia. There are many tasty variations of a 'poor' dish, but rich in flavour and personality. The historical centre of Storo comes alive with aromas, flavours and music, along a taste itinerary.

It is the combination of environment and agriculture that comes to the rescue in safeguarding our territory. Storo is the capital of Italian polenta, but above all it is the place where maize of an ancient, unique and authentic variety is produced, processed, packaged and consumed in some exceptional recipes.

In the fields, maize is defended against corn rootworm. Farmers use the system of crop rotation to maintain fertility, to give fertility to the fields, to not tire out the soil and to disabuse harmful insects. In this way, Nostrano di Storo is not attacked and 99.9 per cent of the corn or yellow maize kernels are healthy. Thus rotation between different cultivated species becomes an environmental, cultural and social guarantee for the entire valley floor.

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Festival of Polenta

A live cookery show where polenta is the queen!

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