Alimonta mountain hut

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38086 Busa Degli Sfulmini

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Alimonta mountain hut


At the foot of the Sfulmini glacier, Rifugio Alimonta welcomes us to one of the most evocative landscapes of the Brenta Group. A horizon of stone pinnacles, towers and cliffs that rise from the Brenta Valley. In July and August, the lodge is home to climbing courses of the Orizzonti Trentini mountaineering school. Open from June 20 to September 20.


Access: from Madonna di Campiglio, take the road to Rifugio-Ristorante Vallesinella - 5 km - (parking). Then take trail no. 317 to Rifugio Casinei, followed by the Bogani trail (no. 318) to Sella del Fridolin and Rifugio Maria e Alberto ai Brentei; finally, take trail no. 323 to the lodge (3 hours).


Recommended itineraries: to the upper edge of the Sfulmini glacier, Bocca dei Armi marks the beginning of the central "Sentiero delle Bocchette" (trail no. 305) that reaches Bocca di Brenta and the nearby Rifugio T. Pedrotti alla Tosa in about 3 hours. Another section of Sentiero delle Bocchette, the Sosat trail to Rifugio Tuckett (trail no. 305b), starts just below the lodge in the Brentei Gorge. In less than 2 hours, you can hike around the towers and gullies of Punta Campiglio to reach the Vallesinella glacier and Rifugio Tuckett. All sections of "Sentiero delle Bocchette" are to be done with equipment for via ferrata routes.

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