Chalet Fiat Spinale

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Loc. Monte Spinale
38086 Madonna Di Campiglio

T +39 0465 946090


A new chalet

Modern, stylish, with a keen eye on environmental sustainability, the new chalet at 2.100 m.a.s.l. was inaugurated last winter.

Dolomite rock, wood and a whole lot of glass for a chic hotel, restaurant and bar with a breathtaking view, the new building will have 7 suites, for a total capacity of 18 guests, as well as a small wellness center and a reading room.

The old building was constructed between 1965 and 1968 and then refurbished and extended in 1985. The new chalet is a spectacular observatory of nature while embodying the vocation of recreation and of social and cultural vitality. 

In a few words, a luxury and stylish experience not-to-be-missed; with a view towards sustainability and respect for the environment, in an extraordinary natural contest: on one hand the Brenta Dolomites Unesco World Heritage, and on the other hand the Presanella and Adamello group.

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