Cort da Togno

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38080 Borzago - Spiazzo


Cort da Togno: open air folk paintings


This is a characteristic courtyard, in the midst of a group of houses at Borzago, a hamlet belonging to Spiazzo Rendena.


Here one may see the folk paintings, made between 1874 and 1952 by an unidentified painter called "Togno", on three walls facing onto the inner courtyard. They depict lively scenes of everyday life and interesting more for their wittiness and cutting irony than for the artist's sophistication and ability. There are also reflections on the passing of time, of the seasons and history.


Among the "characters" of this mural there is also a bear with a scroll, on which there is the following inscription:"Con gli anni - pèrdon le donne - il fior di giovinezza - la beltà, i denti - i femminili inganni - la salute, i capelli - la freschezza - le grazie, il buon umore - gli scherzi gai - ma quanto a lingua - non la pèrdon - mai" (As the years go by women lose many things, the flower of their youth, their beauty, teeth, and all their womanly wiles, their health and hair, their freshness and their grace, their good-naturedness and gayness, but one thing they never lose is their tongue).

The Togno House now belongs to the Pellizzari family.

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