Distilleria Genziana Giovanni Boroni

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Distilleria Genziana Giovanni Boroni

Production of gentian spirits, made following a traditional process that the Boroni family has implemented for over 150 years. In addition to gentian spirits, the distillery also makes spirits with juniper and masterwort.

Based on family memories and from references in books about the Val Rendena area, the Boroni family began distilling gentian in the early nineteenth century. The actual business was started in 1849, the year of enrollment with the Trento chamber of commerce. Further documentation that confirms how far back distillation of gentian root by the Boroni family dates is to be found in the authorization for the collection of gentian root issued by the City of Pelugo in 1852.

Cesare Boroni (great-grandfather of the current owner), who had a small family-run distillery in the village of Borzago, managed to create this unique spirit thanks to continuous, patient and laborious testing before eventually finding a definitive method and process that he then handed down to his son, Giovanni. Giovanni then significantly developed the business around 1920, including being awarded second prize at the first handicraft and small business expo of the Giudicarie region. The medal awarded is shown on the label designed at that time, which is still used today as a symbol of business continuity.

Giovanni’s passion and commitment have been passed down to his sons, Cesare, Ernesto and Giulio, who have continued the business using the same craftsmanship and maintaining the handcrafted characteristics of the company’s products. In addition to gentian root, the Boroni family also distilled masterwort root and juniper berries following the same process.

Today Giovanni, assisted by his father, Giulio, has continued this business, in response to both requests by people who still remember the Boroni gentian-root spirits and a desire not to let a century-old business die.

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