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Madonna di Campiglio Mountain Guides Group


The Alpine Guides of Madonna di Campiglio, whose history dates back one hundred years, are experts in the local area and will take you into the best hidden and unspoilt corners of the mountains to show you their fabulous secrets. The Alpine Guides offer a wide range of initiatives for the summer, including vie ferrate, and climbing, both classic-style climbing and sports-style, bouldering, high mountain, trekking, canyoning, tarzaning, nature walks, specials for children, journeys and expeditions. Winter initiatives: ice & dry, mountaineering ski, freeride, snowshoes..


School of mountaineering and ski mountaineering Madonna di Campiglio Mountain Guides Group

Founded in 1911, the group of Campiglio Mountain Guides is the oldest association dedicated to guest service, attention to the area and promote tourism. A mountain excursion or reaching a peak can trigger deep emotions and profound insights, but you must always know and respect the environment and never gamble with safety. The Alpine Guides represent the obvious point of reference for climbing a peak in safety and getting the most out of every mountain excursion.


Historical images of Campiglio Mountain Guides


Campiglio Guides Group in 1911 - Photo archive: "foto Bisti"



Giorgio Graffer - Photo archive PAT                        Bruno Detassis - Photo archive PAT



Bruno Detassis on top           Cesare Maestri                         climbing the Brenta

Photo archive PAT                            Photo archive PAT                              Photo archive PAT



The mountains for children

The Alpine Guides organise initiatives aimed specifically at children, designed to satisfy their need to move around, to play, to be with other children and to learn new things. From this point of view the mountain is stimulating; what is important is to initiate children both sensitively and safely. The Alpine Guides organise a series of enjoyable and educational activities: climbing, tree-climbing and swinging on ropes, rope bridges and excursions to discover and observe the animals.

The Alpine Guides act as both instructors and playmates in order to offer uniquely enjoyable and memorable days for children.


Naturalistic excursions

Naturalistic excursions represent a new development in the tradition of walking along mountain paths and may be the easiest way to get to know the mountains, while for those who already have some experience it is an excellent way to learn more about the mountain environment in all its complexity.

Naturalistic excursions are not about just walking along paths and admiring the view, they are also about being helped to truly see the mountain environment with its flora and fauna which often escape the untrained eye. The Alpine Guides, who not only guarantee safety and offer an organised itinerary, also help excursionists to learn more about the mountains which are a living environment, not just a group of rocks. All summer the Alpine Guides organise excursions into the magnificent Adamello-Brenta Nature Park with a range of itineraries that everyone can manage. These naturalistic excursions show that the mountains really are for everyone.



A few days “inside the mountains” 

Hiking today has become a synonym for “walking” along paths, mule-tracks and routes of varying lengths which wind their way through the mountains, taking breaks at mountain lodges, bivouacs or villages. It is not about walking for the sake of walking nor is it about driving yourself to the limits of your endurance or about reaching a goal; the point of hiking is to get to know the land you are walking through.

Hiking is an activity that everyone can do in that it is possible to find lovely itineraries which are not particularly difficult, suitable for beginners or for people who have problems with steep climbs.

Hiking is about walking to get to know, read and enjoy the environment around us, learning to respect it and be in harmony with it; indeed it is about working to create a new mentality which leads to a better balance between people and the mountains.

The Alpine Guides organise hikes of various difficulties in the Brenta Group and the Adamello-Presanella Group of mountains, offering the chance to get to know the “personality” of each group and leaving behind “clock time” in favour of “mountain time” which is marked by sunrise and sunset, the exertion of the walk and the well-deserved rest at the mountain lodge.


Vie Ferrate

A via ferrata is a route through the mountains which is equipped with fixed cables, ladders and bridges. The Brenta Group has one of the best and largest system of via ferratas in the Alps: the "Via delle Bocchette". This great network of equipped paths, which takes in the entire massif and includes a number of narrow rock ledges, enables people with little mountain-climbing experience to get to see “from within” some of the most breath-taking Alpine scenery.

The Alpine Guides organise excursions where they teach excursionists to use the right equipment so that the via ferratas can be tackled in complete safety.


The classic peaks

The highest and most important peaks that surround Madonna di Campiglio are highly popular with mountain lovers. The climb, at a level of difficulty that is open to many, plus the satisfaction of reaching the top, combine to form an unforgettable experience.

The Cima Tosa, Cima Brenta, Presanella and Adamello mountains are an opportunity to admire some unique views. And all this accompanied by one of our Alpine Guides.


Climbing classic-style

If what you want is total immersion in the mountain, full of sensations and emotions with the climbing companion you are roped to, then an Alpine Guide is the traditional partner. From rock climbing routes to normal routes, from easy routes to difficult routes, your Guide is both your friend and your instructor who offers both complete safety as well as insights into better techniques for tackling problems.


Climbing sports-style

Climbing sports-style is a special approach to the mountain. The idea is not so much to reach the top as to enjoy the sport. So it is more about elegance and testing yourself while tackling ever increasing difficulties. People who enjoy climbing classic-style can still benefit from this approach to climbing by improving their technique and their stamina.



Scuola di alpinismo e scialpinismo

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