Maria e Alberto ai Brentei mountain hut

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38086 Madonna Di Campiglio

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Maria e Alberto ai Brentei mountain hut


At the center of the stone amphitheater of the upper Brenta valley, the true heart of the Brenta Group, is the lodge Rifugio Maria e Alberto ai Brentei, the realm of the charismatic figure of Dolomite mountaineering who has managed the lodge for decades: Bruno Detassis, dean of the Trentino alpine guides and an extraordinary character of Dolomite mountaineering from the 30s to the 60s. Owned by the Monza CAI, the lodge is situated on a terrace at the end of the Brentei Gorge. It includes a room for the winter period.

Its favorable position at the foot of the impressive Crozzon di Brenta with an extraordinary view of the Val di Brenta makes it a popular destination for many guests.

The refuge is open from June 20 to September 20.


Access: From Madonna di Campiglio, road to Rifugio-Ristorante Vallesinella 5 km (parking), then trail 317 to Rifugio Casinei, followed by the trail Bogani 318 to the lodge. Travel time 2.15 hours.


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