Maso Curio "ca da mont"

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Maso Curio, an example of rural Rendena architecture


The monumental Maso Curio farmhouse, which dates back to the start of the 14th century, is an exquisite example of rural Rendena architecture erected on the vast farm of the same name. The entire structure has maintained its original purpose, and the livestock here continues to be raised based on traditional methods.
Inside this enormous building, which has stood the test of time better than any cement, visitors will find marvelous examples of traditional woodworking techniques.


The building features a stone-wall base supporting a harmonious wood structure with the help of enormous larch-wood columns resting on granite slabs, which create a rustic portico. The pitched, shingled roof protects cobbled flooring in the cattle shed and portico.

Beside the main structure, there is a smaller structure for the storage of milk, the casera (where cheese is made), and two fountains. From the portico, there is the entrance to the cattle shed, which is used for livestock to this day, whereas the last door on the right was once the entrance to the residence. Above the ground floor, there is the tablà, which features a finera, a hole in the floor which served to lower hay directly into the cattle shed. Beneath the roof, there is the plisat for the storage of grain and forage.

Restoration work has been done on the farmhouse on multiple occasions. The frescoes on the eastern façade, worn away by time, show the year of construction, 1537, and the image of Anthony the Great, the patron saint of animals, and Saint Barbara, who protects against fires, shown here with the farmhouse, which is burning after being hit by lightning.
The larch-wood columns of the portico and many of its beams still show the signs of fire and axe marks where burnt sections of wood have been removed.

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