Osteria Bagat

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Via S. Lorenzo,26 (C5)
38086 Pinzolo

T 0465 503514

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Bar Osteria da Bagat

Osteria Bagat is located in the center of Pinzolo. Once inside, you find yourself immersed in a warm, friendly and welcoming environment. The dark wood decor, contrasts of color, and the precise, infinite lines make for a beautiful, modern bar at first glance. But this is nothing compared to what awaits us. Once we pass the entrance area, we enter a whole new world, in complete contrast to what we have just left behind. Here we find a rustic setting that exudes feelings of a time gone by. We are in an old square, overlooked by artisan workshops, frescoed walls, antique tools, and wooden window frames. Even the plaster shows the signs of the hard work of the people give life to the square. Every detail takes us back, making us relive the authentic emotions and values of our ancestors.

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