San Giovanni Battista's church

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Massimeno, S. Giovanni Battista medieval church

From the little square of the village, along a little road with walnuts, you can reach  S. Giovanni Battista church, one of the characteristic cultural element of Rendena valley.

It is a medieval church, restored in the Sixteen century and frescoed by Simone Baschenis.

On the main facade there is a big granite portal with a cross carved in the lintel; on the left there is S. Cristoforo fresco with saints and

the Rendena landsape in the background.

Above the portal there is a Madonna with Child and angels, the saints Antonio Abate and Giovanni Battista (S. Baschenis).


San Giovanni Battista church: 1)Facade 2) Walled-in stoupIn the frame below there the date 1553 and the memory of the rebuilding in 1964 made by Massimeno municipality to" Francesco Comiti muratore comasco” (Como bricklayer).

The walled-in granite stoup is linked to a singular legend: people that wanted to have a baby had to put their head into the hole.

The placed where the church is placed is called "Castèl": according the popular tradition, on the plain just above at 890 mt there was the original village of Massimeno, then destroyed by a landslide or a fire. It was probably an area of a prehistoric fort, as indicated by the toponyms "Guardia" (guard) and "Torre" (tower).


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