Santa Maria Nuova's church

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Madonna Di Campiglio


Santa Maria Nuova” church

Near the ancient chapel, in Madonna di Campiglio, there is the new church: it was built in 1970-72  on the project of the achitect Marcello Armani of Trento, who balanced the liturgy demand with the modern architecture.

The church has an irregular facade and wall, that remember the mountain outline.

The big roof has in part the shape of a hut, in part that of a tent  as to remember that life is a transitory passage toward a more secure and defined destination. The church is basically built in wood and granite

Particular is the circular shape and sloping indoor, where the believers are around the altar feeling united and sharing the God’s Holy Communion.


Campiglio has been choosen as the place of the “Madonna of Europe”, hope and symbol of the spiritual and moral  unification of the continent. The canvas, blessed by Giovanni XXIII, is by the Spanish painter Joaguin de Angulo y Garcia and it reproduces freely a fresco of the 1502 which exists in Algecira- Gibilterra. The effigy is shown in the church of Campo Carlo Magno, built in 1997.

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Madonna di Campiglio

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