Santo Stefano's church

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Via Santo Stefano
38080 Carisolo

T +39 0465 501392

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Carisolo, S. Stefano church


Santo Stefano Church, CarisoloIn the artistic temporary period from Gothic to Renaissance, many religious buildings in Trentino were frescoed by Baschenis family from Averaria.

For more than eighty years, from 1474 to 1555, Baschenis painted thechurches facades and interior. The aim of both personages that commissioned the works and the artists was to educate people through images, exhorting a life far away from sin through a kind of medieval “biblia pauperum


S. Stefano church is an evocative church on a rock crag, overlooking the whole valley.

The southern part is entirely frescoed by Simone Baschenis paintings; Danza Macabra is the main subject, together with the seven deadly sins (1519-1532).

Inside, there are frescos of varied periods like San Cristoforo depiction, on the left side of the outer steps.

The church is gothic on Romanesque strucutre, and has a bell tower with Romanesque mullioned window with two lights. According to tradition, it was built in an area where previously a castle was destroyed by Carlo Magno.

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