Tuckett e Quintino Sella mountain hut

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38086 Vedretta Del Brenta - Madonna Di Campiglio

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Tuckett e Quintino Sella mountain hut


At around a one-hour walk from Vallesinella or Grostè Pass, we find ourselves in a rugged, impressive setting. Here, at the foot of the cliffs of Castelletto Inferiore, there is Rifugio Tuckett. Together with Rifugio Quintino Sella - a short distance away - the complex can accommodate about 120 visitors. Open from June 20 to September 20.


Access: from Madonna di Campiglio, take the road to Rifugio Vallesinella - 5 km - (parking). From Vallesinella, take trail no. 317, passing by Rifugio Casinei and Sella del Fridolin (1.45 to 2 hours) or trails 382 and 317-bis to the Vallesinella falls and upper Malga Vallesinella. From Grostè Pass - station above the gondola lift from Campo Carlo Magno along trail no. 316 (1.20 hours).

Itineraries: the most interesting itinerary of the Brenta Group, the via ferrata Sentiero delle Bocchette, starts from the lodge. The first section reaches the lodges of Alimonta and Brentei (2.30 hours). Climbing then to Bocca di Tuckett, you begin the via ferrata Bocchette Alte, a challenging mountaineering route, which reaches Rifugio Alimonta on the Sfulmini glacier (5.30 hours). At Bocca del Tuckett, we find the start of the via ferrata Alfredo e Rodolfo Benini which runs through Bocca Alta di Vallesinella and Bocchetta dei Camosci to Grostè Pass (4 hours). Taking a detour, you can also climb to Cima Falkner (2,999m/9,839ft).


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