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Audi Chic Nic

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Event dedicated to the excellence of Audi four rings, glamour&gourmet.

Madonna di Campiglio

Malga Ritorto

Time: 12.30 am

with fee

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Glamour & gourmet in the Dolomites

This year, on July 13, Madonna di Campiglio celebrates with Audi the sustainability , the well-being and the gourmet. Surrounded by the Brenta Dolomites, it is possible to experience some exclusive events in a extraordinary natural enviroment.

Overcome the idea of the classic pic nic: Audi Chic Nic goes further, it is a real show of open-air high cuisine. 

The Michelin-starred chefs and other chefs will made ax exclusive menu with delicious local products, creating gourmet dishes and serving them on the luxuriant laws near Malga Ritorto.


What are you waiting for? Book now you experience,  included in the cost of the offer (compulsory booking, limited number).


Audi Chic Nic & e-tron experience 

Audi Chic Nic and e-tron driving experience and trial on the parkour: reach Malga Ritorto with the new Audi e-tron and discover its potential.

At 12.00 pm: departure by car from Piazza Brenta Alta and arrival at Malga Ritorto.

At 3.00 pm: return by car to Malga Ritorto. Or, from 2.00 pm return by your own with the little train/shuttle bus.
Compulsoy booking within Friday 12, limited number.


Chic Nic & e-bike experience

Audi Chic Nic experience, e-bike rental and guided tour towards Malga Ritorto. 

At 12.00 pm: departure with e-bike from Piazza Brenta Alta.

At 3.00 pm: return with e-bike from Malga Ritorto. Compulsoy booking within Friday 12, limited number.


Chic Nic & Dolomiti Natural Wellness

Audi Chic Nic experience and guided walk in nature. 

At 11.30 am: departure on foot from Patascoss. About 1 hour walking. Difficulty: easy. 

Return from Malga Ritorto to Patascoss on you own, or from 2.00 pm return with the little train/shuttle bus up to the car park at Patascoss or up to Madonna di Campiglio.


Click here for details and booking.

contacts - where we are

Office Madonna di Campiglio

+39 0465 447501

Office Pinzolo

+39 0465 501007


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