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Audi quattro cup

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The famous golf circuit under the sign of the four rings.

Madonna di Campiglio

Golf Club Campo Carlo Magno

Time: 8.30 am

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Audi quattro Cup: the famous golf circuit under the sign of the four rings


Audi quattro Cup is the biggest golf amateur circuit in the world: 54 nations and more than 800 tournaments. At its 30th edition, the tournament celebrates the natural relationship between Audi and the world of golf, a relation that excites style and elegance, tecnique and experience, power and control.


Tournaments which foresee the high level golf tournament of the territory: the ProAm Colmar (July 28-29) 

The  Audi quattro Cup are organized by the Audi dealer in collaboration with Audi Italia and the winning team will compete for the world prize. Besides the tournaments, there will be the Audi golf experience, a 10 stages tournament that the Casa di Ingolstadt organizes exclusively for its Customers.


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Madonna di Campiglio

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