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Ball of the mountain guides

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Typical dinner and traditional Ball of the mountain guides of Campiglio. Music and waltz.

Madonna di Campiglio

Chalet Fiat

Time: 7.30 pm

with fee

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 Ball of the mountain guides of Campiglio

In a gallant atmosphere, a special dinner with typical products, live music and traditional dance of the mountain guides of Madonna di Campiglio!

At the entrance some mountain guides give a rose to each woman: in the flower a number is hidden... it will pair off  the most lucky women with a local mountain guide. And then they will dance together the waltz. When the music breaks, each mountain guides will give the piece of rope on his neck to his lady, with the promise to give it back at the next music break. And so go on a galant and enjoyable atmosphere!


- Aperitif

- Typical dinner

- Live music

- Waltz with the mountain guides

- Rich prize draw

contacts - where we are

Office Madonna di Campiglio

+39 0465 447501

Office Pinzolo

+39 0465 501007





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