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Without technology, without rushing, without worries

Madonna di Campiglio

Time: 2 pm

€ 50,00



Connected in nature

Itineraries to reconnect with yourself and the full original beauty of the mountains.

Without technology, without rushing, without worries.

Did you know...
We spend a lot of time in front of our smartphones. In certain circumstances, for example if we use it for work or to keep in touch with our friends, using a smartphone is considered
productive. However, the number of non-productive hours we spend on our phones browsing social media, playing games and streaming videos is alarming. These hours could be used to relax or “unplug”.

On average, we spend 5 hours a day on our smartphones. That's 35 hours a week, 150 hours a month or 1,825 hours a year.

So we asked ourselves, what could we do on a summer afternoon without technology?

Join us to connect to nature!


Monday 20 June

Monday 4 July

Monday 1 August

Monday 5 September

Monday 3 October

Single rate € 50.00, for adults and children over 12 years Minimum 2, maximum 10 people.

Compulsory online booking by 5.00 pm of the day before the event.



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Madonna di Campiglio

+39 0465 447501


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+39 0465 447502
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