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Milk and cheese festival

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Cow show, typical lunch, mowing competition and lots of fun.

Sella Giudicarie - Roncone

Zona lago

Time: 9.00 am



11th Editon of "The farmers's world"

The traditional event that brings together the best animals from the farms in the Valle del Chiese - around fifty members from Sella Giudicarie to Storo and Bondone - is a decades-old fixture on the September calendar, an ideal time to show off your work to the community, colleagues and technicians. Each farm that registers for the show tries to bring in the best heifers it owns to get the best ratings. The heifers in the competition are Brown Swiss, Friesian, Rendena and Pezzata Rossa. Several moving animals are brought into a specially prepared ring to be presented in groups of the same category in front of the public.

At the end of the show the judges describe the characteristics that led to the selection of the best animals and then to the announcement of the winners. The evaluation of the cows is carried out by means of an Overall Judgement, which includes morphological correctness, muscularity and, since the animals have not yet calved, the setting of the mammary apparatus; naturally all this must be accompanied by the presence of breed characteristics, expressed at the highest level. The Cattle Show also includes the Junior Conductor's Competition, a fun event in which the little ones try their hand at showing off their calves in the ring.


Saturday 18 September 2021 - Lake Roncone - 9.00 am

9.00 am - Beginning of the Mondo Contadino bovine exhibition, welcome to the cows and calves, identification of the animals

12.00 - Lunch with polenta and spit by reservation. First round

1.00 pm - Lunch with polenta and spit by reservation. Second round

2.30 pm - Junior Drivers Competition the little ones try their hand at the art of having calves parade inside the ring

3.30 pm - Huntingh the blue flag, little explorers discovering Lake Roncone. Orienteering activity. Sportswear and trekking shoes are required. Activities on reservation.

4.30 pm - Mowing competition, a nice competition between old and new generations that brings back to life the ancient tradition of haymaking and enhances the relationship of man with his land, which has always been fundamental in peasant life. A fun challenge to the last tuft of grass!

5.30 pm - Have a LATTE IN FESTA snack with bread, butter, jam, honey from the Chiese Valley and yogurt. The "Latte in Festa" mug as a gift for you! Activities on reservation

5.30 pm - How is cheese made? La caserada in the company of our loyal cheesemakers we reveal the secrets of this tasty preparation

7.00 pm - Bubbles, notes and ... tastings of formai da mot toast at the first edition of the Formai da Mot Festival with the participation of the malghe: Malga Avalina, Malga d'Arnò, Malga Lodranega, Malga Stabolfess, Malga Cengledino

7.30 pm - Dinner in restaurants with the special Festival Formai Da Mot tasting menu

8.30 pm - Final and election of the champions: the Bruna Alpina, the Frisona, the Rendena and the Red Pezzata

10.00 pm - Music and entertainment

See you in 2022!

Don't miss the tasting menu "Festival Formai da Mot" in the restaurants of Sella Giudicarie e Tione di Trento

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