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Mistero dei Monti - Vostre Altezze

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Cultural mountain festival with meetings, walks, exhibitions and movies

Madonna di Campiglio


The nobility of the Heights

The mountain and its heights/heighnesses: this is the subject of the cultural mountain festival Mistero dei Monti that, fourteenth years after, comes back from 6 to 20 August 2016.
Every year one subject, every year many important personalities and experiences weaving together and leaving traces.
The nobility of thought inside the apparent static nature of the mountain is the central theme of the cultural meetings, which cross different disciplines and create a multicolor mosaic.
“Yours heights/heighnesses”, or rather the nobility of the different heights, is the topic of 2016: in homage to the physical heights and the heights of thought, of the study and experience that have contributed to the development of civilization.
“Her heighness the Earth” is one of the topic that the important guests of the edition 2016 will deal with: an appropriate consideration about the Mother Earth, aching for the weight of our life system.
At the end of July, the “Her heighness the Wood” exhibition preview will be launched: the great trees between symbolism and myth, an exhibition promoted together with the Adamello Brenta Nature Park and the Regole of Spinale e Manez, that expresses the value of our alpine  landscape starting from the trees. The trees as patriarchs of nature and witnesses of the environmental value of the earth, with a cultural and symbolic meaning written in all traditions of the people of the world.
“Her heighness the Art”, described by the point of view of the masters that spoke about art and its changing.
Meetings, walks, exhibitions and movies characterized the Festival, useful for the contemporary walkers. What others  heighnesses will be revealed?
An air of mystery is our travel companion! We are waiting for you!

The Festival Mistero dei Monti is promoted by the Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo Val Rendena Tourism Board, together with the Autonomous Province of Trento. The project is conceived and developed by Roberta Bonazza and Giacomo Bonazza.

Programme 2016

Saturday, August 6

Righi square, Madonna di Campiglio at 11.00 am
Her Highness Cima Brenta.

An overtaking and a step towards the mountains
Official opening of the Festival

With: Marcello Palmier, journalist of the “Avvenire” newspaper for the project Dolomiti Open
, Cesare Maestri, mountaineer, Madonna di Campiglio mountain guides and 
Adamello Brenta Nature Park

Salone Hofer, Madonna di Campiglio at 5.30 pm

His Highness The Present

The age of chaos, the betrayal of the elites

With Federico Rampini, journalist and writer, correspondent from USA for the Repubblica newspaper.

Sunday, August 7
Sala della cultura, Madonna di Campiglio at 5.30 pm

Highnesses and Heights .
A new Francesco Giuseppe.
With Bernhard A. Macek and Rossana Crisci, Hofburg historian of Vienna

Monday, August 8

Spinale mountain at 10.00 am
His Highness The Breathing

To breath in the mountains

Rosario Porrovecchio, doctor and therapist

Tuesday, August 9

Spinale mountain at 10.00 am
His Highness The Pasture. The Spinale.

Salone Hofer, Madonna di Campiglio at 5.30  pm

Her Highness The Earth

Luca Mercalli, metereologist and climatologist

Wednesday, August 10

Salone Hofer, Madonna di Campiglio at 5.30 pm

Bill Tilman, 1944
. Fleeing to the Dolomites

Marco Albino Ferrari, writer, director of Meridiani Montagne magazine

Thursday, August 11
Salone Hofer, Madonna di Campiglio at 5.30 pm

Her Highness The Art
. With the eyes of the Masters

Flavio Caroli, historian and art critic

Friday, August 12

Palacampiglio, Madonna di Campiglio at 9.00 pm

Her Highness The Music
. The peaks of De Andrè

Introduces Massimo Bubola, musician, 
Maura Pettorusso, actress Trento Spettacoli with UTOPIA 500

Saturday, August 13

Her Highness The Poetry
. A day with Antonia

Castelletto Inferiore, Brenta Dolomites: The first climb

The Garden of Campiglio, Madonna di Campiglio at 10.00 am: The very high words of Youth

Walking and writing for kids. With the Premio ITAS

Sala della cultura, Madonna di Campiglio at 5.30 pm
Antonia Pozzi in Brenta. 
Inside the mountains
Marco Dalla Torre, author
, Augusto Golin, introduction
, Maria Rosa Raffaelli, reading

Sala della cultura, Madonna di Campiglio at 9.00 pm
Film “Antonia”. Ferdinando Cito Filomarino, director

Saturday, August 14

Palacampiglio, Madonna di Campiglio from 8.30 pm

His Highness The Cinema: Ninì and K2 - Touching the sky

Tuesday, August 16

Castagneto di Carisolo, at 10.00 am
Her Highness The Research

Words under the chestnut tree

Annibale Salsa, anthropologist
; Roberto Rosso, Accademia Brera
; Nello Rossi, expert in image

Sala della cultura, Madonna di Campiglio at 5.30 pm
Her Highness The Science

A good for mankind

Pietro Greco, scientific journalist

Wednesday, August 17
Sala della Cultura, Madonna di Campiglio at 5.30 pm

Her Highness The Architecture

Chess match about future

Maurizio De Caro and Joseph di Pasquale, Priorato 6, architects &planners

Thursday, August 18
Malga Ritorto, Madonna di Campiglio at 10.00 am

Her Highness The Mountain

The peaks of Dino Buzzati

Maura Pettorusso, writer
; Carmen Giordano and Woody Neri, director and actor


Friday, August 19
Salone Hofer, Madonna di Campiglio at 5.30 pm

His Highness The Landscape

Praise to the Heritage

Giovanni Maria Flick, Emeritus President of the Constitutional Court

Saturday, August 20
Salone Hofer, Madonna di Campiglio at 5.30 pm

Her Highness The Snow

Celina Seghi, a white flake

Celina Seghi, ski champion

Claudia Giordani, journalist


All exhibitions are open every day, 4 pm-7pm/8 pm-10 pm. Free entrance

Pinzolo, Paladolomiti, July 31 - August 31

The monumental wood
Big trees, high toughts

Caderzone Terme, Palazzo Lodron Bertelli, July 31 - August 31

The wood of children. 
A thousand of trees

Carisolo, Casa del Geopark, July 31 - September 4

The wood for research. 
Let’s move

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