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The "Fulmine sweater", 3tre symbol, comes back

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A "fulmine" (lightning), for the faster

It is the hallmark of excellence, a leader trademark in sport and style. A sport that was born out of need, becoming over time the symbol of speed, technique, myth. A history that was born and grown together with one of the most trendy resort of the Alps, Madonna di Campiglio, and one of the most exciting ski race of the world cup skiers and their entourages, the 3Tre.

And this year, from the trunks of memories, we've dusted off and taken the symbol of who, from the mid-'90s, was in the lead in the legendary ski race.

It is the Fulmine sweater, the history weaving with the myth in the finest yarn by Falconeri, that this year will wear again the winner of the  3Tre Madonna di Campiglio - Audi FIS Ski World Cup.  A unique item of clothing that bring with it the Italian tradition and the joy of a success.

Leaf through the photogallery, watch the champions of the past that wore the Fulmine sweater and read here a little of history of the legendary 3Tre.

Class of 1950, at that time the 3Tre took place still in Trentino, and consisted of the 3 classical ski disciplines:

  • downhill race
  • giant slalom
  • special slalom

The first of the three races was the downhill: the winner got the Yellow sweater with the lightning, symbol of speed. The yellow color has been represented the fastest and the more reckless skier of 3Tre for many years.
During the years, all the greatest ski champions have been wearing the Fulmine sweater. 

The tradition of the Fulmine sweater has been lessening in the end of the 1960s, for at least two reasons: the change of the type of the event and the arrival of the new ski World Cup (founded in 1967), with new regulations.
Of this tradition, only a memory remained for decades.

In 2018 the 3Tre and the Tourism Board, in partnership with the famous Italian brand of cashmere and natural yarns Falconeri, bring to life again the Fulmine sweater, awarding it to the winner of the race, with a gesture that wants to be a meeting point between past and future and an undisputed symbol of one of the most famous ski race.

Gallery and source:
Image 1: 1950, Hermann Nogler, Italy
Image 2: 1950, Hermann Nogler, Italy
Image 3: 1952, Baud Francois, France
Image 4: 1952, in action Francois Baud, France
Image 5: 1955, in action Josl Rieder, Austria

By P. Bisti

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