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Tulot Vertical Up 2020

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Vertical challenge on the most famous ski slopes of the alpine ski world cup.


Tulot Audi Quattro ski run

Time: 6.30 pm

booking required

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Vertical challenge to the most famous ski slopes of the alpine ski world cup

The Tulot Audi Quattro is in the ranking of the best ski slopes of the alps.

The most famous ski runs usually done while skiing from the athletes of the Alpine Ski World Cup become theatre of the "viceversa" challenge, from bottom to top, faced by participants of the Vertical Tour 2020.

The vertical challenge will be on the Tulot Audi Quattro slope in Pinzolo, which becomes part of the circuit of the best slopes in the Alps.

Participants have an only goal: conquering the Tulot Audi Quattro faster and "as vertical as possible"! No other rules!

Even the choice of materials is free! You can choose to participate wearing:

  • running shoes with cleats
  • cross-country skis with seal skin
  • mountaineering skis
  • snow shoes with crampons

The victory will be for those who can mix resistancetecnique and materials.

The program of the event will be soon available on line.

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