The legend of Sissi, the godmother

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Sissi, the godmother


Could the princess Sissi, the most famous guest that Campiglio has ever had, not have a her own legend after her stays in this resort? Of course not! This story was published, even if it was not a verified fact, by the local newspapers during the second stay of the Sissi Empress in Campiglio (“Voce Cattolica”, 10th July 1894). It is said that one day Sissi came in a mountain hut during her walk around the village. Here she found a couple of poor peasants, that were taking care of a new-born baby; the peasants were dressed up, but they were sad because it was the day of their baby’s baptism and her godmother didn’t arrived. So Sissi proposed herself to take the woman’s place; when the two peasants (that did not recognize the Empress) asked the Princess what name she would like to give the baby, Sissi answered “my name is not common in this country, so give the baby the most beautiful name that Christendom knows, name her Maria!”. The day after, when a servant gave some money to the peasants and a gift to the baby, the peasants discovered that her baby’s godmother was the Austria’s Empress. (by Paolo Bisti)


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