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 Val Rendena


Val Rendena is about 20 km long, starting from the little village of Verdesina to the 1650 mt of Campo Carlo Magno. The first thing you notice when you travel through Val Rendena is the exceptional diversity of the natural landscape of Adamello Brenta Nature Park: eastward the Brenta Dolomites with their majestic heights, westward the peaks of the granitic groups of Adamello and Presanella. Val Rendena has many beautiful and wild little branched valleys: Val San Valentino, Val di Borzago, Val Genova and Val Nambrone, Val Brenta e Val d’Agola. Here the fauna is rich in many rare animals, as the last specimen of alpine bear.


Going through Val Rendena you can see typical little villages, often some houses with little squares and bell towers around them. The first villages you meet entering Val Rendena are Villa Rendena, Iavrè, Darè, Vigo Rendena.

Pelugo history is linked to the cemetery church dedicated to St. Antonio, frescoed by Bergamo painters of Cinquecento.

Spiazzo was the centre of all Rendena communities: in fact here “Pieve di Rendena” was based to seal the central position of the village and the importance of religion with St. Vigilio martyrdom. Strembo, Bocenago and Caderzone Terme, gathered around their bell towers, overlook Sarca river, They are characterized by an alpine rural culture, that you can see in the houses architecture and in the religious frescos which often decorated the houses. In the high part of Rendena Valley you find the villages of Giustino - originated in the Roman age, Massimeno, Pinzolo – the main center of the valley, and Carisolo that leads to Val Genova westward and to Madonna di Campiglio northward, passing through Sant’Antonio di Mavignola. Pinzolo is the heart of the valley, with its churches as the cemetery church of S. Vigilio.


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