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Curiosità e caratteristiche della razza Rendena, la razza bovina più diffusa tra le giovenche dei nostri pascoli

The Rendena cow is a breed that particularly adapts to pastures, proven by the fact that almost all cows grown in Trentino, and more than 50% of those grown in Veneto, pass the 4 summer months on the alpine huts of Val Rendena and Altopiano di Asiago.

This situation is justified by the great capacity of the breed to adapt to pasture, confirmed by the numerous researches of University Institutes, which makes it particularly appreciated by many farmers of different alpine and Apennine provinces , even thanks to the major specializations in the milk production and the increase of dimensions which makes it harder to handle then during the pasture, particularly by those farmers who have the poorest pastures considering grass.

The Associazione Nazionale Allevatori Bovini di Razza Rendena considers this in the setting of the selective programmes, which have as primary goal the improvement of the double attitute of the breed (milk and meat), maintaining the positive characteristics that make it particularly suitable for pastures, even those at the highest altitudes.

This great adaptability to pastures doesn’t compromise the great productions of the Rendena cows in the farms of the plains in Veneto, as documented in the average productions between 55 and 60 q of the modern farms, accompanied by the major production of veals compared to milk breeds.


The standard of the breed

The Rendena is a local double attitude breed, both meat and milk, with great tendencies to the second production, element that strongly characterizes its morphological aspect.

The coat is smooth and uniform with different nuances of brown, darker in males where it can become almost black. Peculiar of the breed are the ivory hair in the ears, the light stripe on the back, light horns, white at the base and black on the point. Bones in general are strong but not big.


The breed is mostly spread in the provinces of Padova, Trento, Vicenza and Verona. The cows of Razza Rendena are grown and controlled also in the provinces of Genova, Varese, La Spezia, Treviso, Brescia, Mantova, Reggio Emilia, Ferrara, Belluno, Pavia, Novara, Sondrio and Bolzano.

The cows registered to controls represent the 70% of the total patrimony of the breed.


Milk production:

The average production is about 48 q; this is an extremely positive number because the production is obtained with minimum concentrated food, even in the more extreme area and with the 70 % of cows that pasture for 100 and more days during summer time.

In the farms in plain, characterized by a correct management, the production goes over 60 q of milk with good percentages of fat and proteins.


Meat production:

The Rendena grows veals that are highly requested on the market, as also cows that weight 400-450 kg at the age 12-13 months.



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