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Waterfalls, rivers and lakes of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park


The water is the main element of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.

The roar of the rivers, the blue stretch of water reflecting the surrounding woods, the rushing waterfalls characterize the landscape of the Adamello-Presanella group and the Brenta Dolomites.



The lakes

48 are the lakes in the Nature Park; 44 are in the Adamello side, with its particular rock shape suitable for the lake formation. The other 4 are rare pearls enriching the Dolomites.

The most famous lakes, reachable with excursions of different difficulties, are the lakes of Nambino, Ritorto (connected by the famous “5 lakes” path, which includes also the lakes of Serodoli, Nero and Lambin), Malghette, Cornisello, San Giuliano and Valagola.



The waterfalls

If lakes are the best places for relaxation and peace, the force of water can be admired in the waterfalls of the side valleys of Val Rendena.
In Val Genova the Nardis, the Lares and the Matarot waterfalls are the most famous; in Vallesinella the Middle and High waterfalls were beloved by Sissi Princess in the past and have still now a unique charm, while the Amola waterfall burst into the woods of Val Nambrone



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