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5 Laghi di San Giuliano e Garzone

Elevation: 1055 m

Time: 6 h

Start: Malga Campo

Arrival: Malga Campo.

From Malga Campo (shortening the first part of the path), follow the path 230 to San Giuliano lake, to the little church and the refuge, and to Garzonè lake. Then go upward to the path 221 toward “Bocchetta dell’Acqua Fredda” or “Passo di San Giuliano”, and then downward to Vacarsa lake and Malga Campostril; pass the mountain hut and follow the sign to Caderzone Terme. After about 10 minutes, turn left to “Pozza delle Vacche” area, take the forest road downward to Malga Diaga or easily upward to Malga Campo. The shortest path on foot starts from Malga Campo and arrives to the San Giuliano mountain hut in about 2 hours.


10 Doss del Sabion - Rifugio XII Apostoli

Elevation: 685 m
Time: 3-5 h

Start: Rifugio Doss del Sabion

Arrival: Rifugio XII Apostoli

From Doss del Sabion, follow the Sat path 307b that skirts the road; at the crossroads, keep right, and take the path 307. When you reach the other crossroads in “Madonnina” area, go eastward always along the path 307 to the so called “Piano di Nardis” or “Lago Asciutto”. Go up through the difficult rocky track of “Scala Santa” with steel ropes, go on along the rocky route up to the refuge. Return to the same itinerary.

20 Giro dei rifugi

Elevation: 1209 m
Time: 6 h 30 min

Start: Rifugio Vallesinella

Arrival: Rifugio Vallesinella

From Vallesinella refuge, along the path 317b, arrive at Casinei refuge (shortest but steepest ascent, from Vallesinella refuge along the path 317). From here, along the path 317, arrive at Tuckett refuge (that you can reach also from Grostè pass, along the path 316 in 1 hour and 30 min along a rocky but flat path).
Go back to valley, take eastward the path 328 to Sella Del Fredolin area. At the crossroads with the path 318, turn left and arrive at Brentei refuge. Go back to the crossroads with the path 328 and then go down along the path 318 as far as you reach Casinei refuge and then Vallesinella refuge, along the path 317. For experts, it is possible to climb up to Alimonta Refuge in 1h and 30 min.


24 Giro dei 5 Laghi

Elevation: 875 m
Time: 6 h 30 min

Start: località Patascoss

Arrival: località Patascoss

From Patascoss climb up to Rifugio Pancugolo at 5 Laghi cableway arrival. From here, get Ritort lake on a flat trail, and then, along a more demanding trail to Lambin lake, then to Serodoli and Gelato lake. Walk back to the Serodoli lake mouth and walk down on a demanding trail that takes to a smaller lake and then to a crossroads. Here, turn left and follow the path number 266 toward Nambino lake and the refuge. From the lake follow the direction to Patascoss. It is possible to walk the circle path for single tracks choosing the best access. Another access is from Pradalago, take the homonymous cableway and walk to Serodoli lake.


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