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8 Doss del Sabion - Pinzolo

Elevation: 1.300 m
Time: 1 h bike. 3 h walk

Start: Rifugio Doss del Sabion

Arrive: Pinzolo

The path, with signs by Pinzolo lifts company, starts from the panoramic Doss del Sabion and, following the forest road, leads you to Malga Grual. Here keep left and reach Malga Cioca and then Prà Rodont. To go down to Pinzolo village, take the cableway or go on foot along the paved road (9 km). It is a very good route also for mountain bikers.


9 Doss del Sabion - Movlina - Prà Rodont
Elevation: 591 m

Time: 2-4 h

Start: Rifugio Doss del Sabion

Arrival: Rifugio Prà Rodont

From Doss del Sabion refuge take the “Soffio del Brenta” path, go down along the track of the winter piste and then follow the ridge. At the crossroads turn right and take the Sat path 357. Reach “Madonnina” area and go to Malga Movlina. Then take the track at the end of the field that, passing through the old mines, leads you to Malga Bregn de l’ors and then to Prà Rodont along the path 307b.



12 Masi di Claemp e Fortino della I° guerra mondiale
Elevation: 50 m

Time: 4 h 30 min

Start: Madonna di Campiglio-Loc. Panorama

Arrival: Masi di Claemp

From Panorama area, southside of Madonna di Campiglio, take the “Sentiero dei Siori” path towards southwest. Walk to Malga Milegna and then to the Claemp huts, a panoramic area where you can admire a little fort of the First World War yet in good shape. Access on foot on a dirt road also from Malga Ritort or, along a shorter path, from Sant’Antonio di Mavignola.


14 Rifugio Segantini
Elevation: 420 m


Start: Malga Vallina d’Amola

Arrival: Rifugio Segantini

From the state highway, between Pinzolo and Madonna di Campiglio, near Sant’Antonio di Mavignola village, drive to the Nambrone valley towards Malga Vallina d’Amola (parking). Here take the Sat path 211 towards Segantini mountain hut. You can also leave your car in the parking near the Cornisello mountain hut and walk to the Segantini mountain hut along the path 216, passing Bocca dell’Om zone.



16 Giro delle cascate di Vallesinella

Elevation: 415 m
Time: 4 h 30 min

Start: Laghetto di Campiglio-Conca Verde

Arrival: Laghetto di Campiglio-Conca Verde

From Conca Verde, in the centre of Campiglio, reach the departure of Spinale cableway; pass “Palacampiglio” congress centre and arrive at “Casa delle Regole” house; enter the wood following the “Sentiero dell’orso” path. Arrive at “Malga Vallesinella di Sopra“ pasture, go down from Vallesinella upper waterfalls. At the end of the descent, take the little road that leads you to Vallesinella refuge. Pass the refuge, go to Vallesinella middle waterfalls and take the “Sentiero dell’Arciduca” path as far as you reach the first houses and then the centre of Campiglio. From the Low Waterfalls it is possible to reach the start of the cableway “Pinzolo Campiglio Express” in Plaza area, on foot or in mountain bike.


17 Chalet Fiat - Cascate Alte di Vallesinella

Elevation: 550 m in discesa
Time: 4-5 h

Start: Monte Spinale

Arrival: Rifugio Vallesinella

From the station upwards Spinale cableway walk towards Malga Fevri, then go down to Malga Vallesinella Alta and then towards Vallesinella waterfalls; walk down towards Vallesinella Refuge. It is possible to come back to Campiglio along the “Sentiero dell’orso” path.


18 Malga Fevri - Giro a lDoss - M.diCampiglio

Elevation: 550 m
Time: 1 h 30 min

Start: Chalet Fiat

Arrival: Madonna di Campiglio

Go up to Monte Spinale with the cableway, then go down on foot along the dirt road to Malga Fevri, at the feet of the Brenta Dolomites. Reach the cross near the alpine hut, go along the panoramic path and go down along the dirt road to the centre of Madonna di Campiglio, passing the Empress square and some beautiful scenic places.


19 Chalet Fiat - Rifugio Graffer - Intermedia Grostè

Elevation: 100 m
Time: 2 h 30 min

Start: Monte Spinale

Arrival: Rifugio Graffer - Grostè middle station


From the arrival of Spinale cableway go to Graffer Refuge and then to the end of the first part of Grostè lift, walking in the fields with view on the Brenta Dolomites with little elevation change.


21 Malga Vagliana e Vaglianella

Elevation: 344 m
Time: 4-5 h

Start: departure Cabinovia Grostè

Arrival: departure Cabinovia Grostè

From the departure of Grostè cableway, walk toward the golf course along an easy forest road to Graffer refuge. When you arrive at Poza Vecia area, turn left and along a dirt road arrive at Malga Vaglianella, and then at the pasture of Malga Vagliana. Return to the same route to Vaglianella, where turn right at the feet of Val Gelada, and go to Malga Mondifrà and to the Grostè area again. Another way is to walk through the path, starting from the intermediate station of Grostè cableway and going down to valley.


22 Lago delle Malghette

Elevation: 535 m
Time: 3-4 h

Start: Rifugio Viviani Pradalago

Arrival: Camp Carlo Magno

Go up to Pradalago zone with the cableway, then go down to Viviani refuge and walk to Malghette lake along the SAT path 265. Return to Campiglio along the path toward Malga Zeledria (path 201). Easy climb also from Campo Carlo Magno, from Palù della Fava area (from the centre of Campiglio, arrive at the Pass and turn left). Another route is possible turning left along the path n. 265, climbing up till the arrival of Genziana lift and then to the right.


23 Lago di Nambino

Elevation: 136 m
Time: 30 min

Start: Piana di Nambino

Arrival: Rifugio Nambino

Easy excursion of about 30 minutes, starting from “Piana di Nambino” area to the Nambino mountain refuge, along the Sat path 217. There is another longer way, but with less elevation, that starts from “Patascoss” area and arrives at the lake in about 45 minutes. A third trail starts from Pradalago cableway arrival and walk down to the lake for 2 h and 30 min.


25 Canton di Ritort
Elevation: 250 m

Time: 2 h 30 min

Start: Malga Ritort

Arrival: Malga Ritort

From Ritort refuge take, westward, a plain dirt road, following the signs to Ritort lake. Just after some minutes, the road changes into a path upward to the lake. From here, for the return, take the path 277 and, passing Malga “Pozza Dei Garzoni”, go on along an up and down panoramic path to “Piana dei Mughi” area. Here, at the crossroads, turn left, following the same path and arriving again at Malga Ritort.


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