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The Castles of Trentino


There are more than 300 castles and fortresses in Trentino, a territory that thanks to its particular morphology offered the possibility of building these fortresses.

There are four provincial castles:


  • the Buonconsiglio Castle
  • the Stenico Castle
  • the Beseno Castle
  • the Thun Castle


Restructured and open to the public, the became museums and places for exhibitions, allowing visitors to live again the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, the splendour of the Princes Bishops and of the past.



Stenico Castle

a fascinating fortress with its treasures, between the Garda lake and the Dolomites



Castled on a rock overlooking the Giudicarie Esteriori area, it is the symbol of the power of the Princes Bishops of Trento in this region. It is a fortress of medieval origin, that from the thirteenth century became a property of the Princes Bishops and the summer residence of the officer that managed the territory. During the centuries, the Princes Bishops enlarged, changed and embellished the castle, which today looks like a well-structured building.

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Stenico (30 km from Pinzolo) - Itinerary

Phone +39 0461 233770 / +39 0465 771004




Buonconsiglio Castle

the sumptuous residence of the princes bishops




The Buonconsiglio Castle is the largest and most important monumental complex of the Trentino Alto Adige region. It was the residence of the prince-bishops of Trento from the 13th century to the end of the 18th century, and is composed of a series of buildings of different eras, enclosed by walls and positioned slightly higher than the city.  At the extreme south of the complex is the Torre Aquila, within which is conserved the famous Cycle of the Months, one of the most fascinating secular pictorial cycles of the late Middle Ages.

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Via Bernando Clesio 5, Trento (60 km from Pinzolo) - Itinerary

Phone +39 0461 233770




Thun Castle

The splendid residence of a noble family of  Val di Non




Castel Thun, imposing and austere, was the seat of one the most important family of Trentino.

The castle stands on a hill dominating the town of Vigo di Ton, with a panoramic view over the whole of the Non Valley. It is a complex system of fortifications, made up of towers, walls, bastions, parapets and trenches, and owes its present appearance to modifications during the 16th Century. The Porta Spagnola, a massive gate, also dating from this century, leads via a drawbridge to the first courtyard. Facing it is the imposing baronial palace.

The spacious interior consists of a series of rooms in which the fine original furnishings and the family collection of paintings have survived. The most impressive and interesting room is the 16th Century Stanza del Vescovo (Bishop’s Chamber) that is panelled throughout in wood from the Stone Pine.

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Vigo di Ton, Valle di Non (66 km from Pinzolo) - Itinerary

Phone +39 0461 492829




Beseno Castle

the biggest old fortress of the region, guarding the Valle dell'Adige




It has a medieval origin and has mainly a defensive purpose, stressed by both its strategic position - characterized by inaccessibility and a wide control from above - and its thick walls. The present aspect of a fortress of the Renaissance, with three big bastions for the fire-arms use, dates back to the great restoration made in the first half of Cinquecento.

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Besenello (74 km from Pinzolo) - Itinerary

Phone +39 0464 834600



Trentino museums


Many and different, the museums of Trentino region are a unique opportunity to experience a fabulous world that tells about minerals, archeological evidence, ancient societies, modern art and treasures of the nature...

Free entrance with GuestCard.

Here some:



The Great Museums



Museum of modern and contemporary art, Rovereto and Trento.

For information:
MART - Corso Bettini 43 - 38068 Rovereto (Tn)
Toll-free number: 800 397760 – Email:


Museum of science, Trento, a great place for the whole family to discover the wonders of science.

For information:
MUSE – Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza 3 - 38122 Trento
Tel. +39 0461 270311- Email:

Art & Nature

Arte Sella

A fascinating international exhibit of contemporary art in the forests of Val di Sella featuring amazing works created with the gifts of nature.

For information:
Arte Sella – Tel.: +39 0461 751251- Email: 

World War I


Forte Belvedere

Forte Belvedere Gschwent, in Lavarone, is home to the area’s World War I museum.

For information:
Tel.: +39 0464 780 005 - Email:

Local Culture


Museo delle Palafitte

History of the early settlers of Ledro Lake

For information:
Museo delle Palafitte di Ledro - Via Lungolago 1- 38060 Molina di Ledro (Tn)
Tel: +39 0464 508 182 - Email:

Museo degli Usi e dei Costumi della Gente Trentina

Museum of the ancient traditions and customs of the Trentino people, San Michele all’Adige.

For information:
Tel: +39 0461 650 314 - Email:


Information about Trentino museums based on:


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