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Regulations: Top Dolomites Gran Fondo Madonna di Campiglio - North Lake Garda

Requirements for participation

The Madonna di Campiglio – North Lake Garda Top Dolomites Gran Fondo (with long and intermediate courses) is open to:

all FCI cardholders and to members of other cycling clubs that have signed the convention with FCI for 2021 and who are medically fit for competitive cycling, as well as to cyclists with valid UCI licenses for the current year issued by their national cycling federation, upon presentation of ethics certification in English and properly completed and signed medical certificate prepared in accordance with Model E (to be requested from the organizers).

For those who are not in possession of valid membership cards, it is possible to obtain a daily FCI card at a cost of €10.00, which may be issued solely by presenting a medical certificate of physical fitness suited to participating in competitive cycling events (which may be purchased on site during business hours at the event). These certificates must be currently valid. Cards must be requested at the time of registration and upon verifying that the athlete has insurance in accordance with applicable federation regulations. It is also necessary to sign the ethics declaration.

Cyclists (cardholders by way of medical certificate) may only participate in the intermediate-course events.

Everyone may participate in the short course with e-bikes if desired.


The Organizing Committee may, at its own discretion and at any time, decide to accept or refuse registration or exclude a registered party from the event in the event said party could bring harm to the event’s image. Registrations will not be accepted from cyclists that have had doping sanctions and/or disqualifications of greater than six months.


115 km Gran Fondo, 84 km intermediate course.


  • Elite Sport, Master 1, Master 2, Master 3, Master 4, Master 5, Master 6, Master 7, Woman 1 (F), Woman 2 (F), Woman 3 (F).
  • Master 8, only INTERMEDIATE courses.

Maximum Time

The courses must be finished by 15:30
Beyond this time, participation will not be considered valid. Participants may consult the roadmaps here for indications of race times for each route.

Download the complete regulations and the privacy policy below:


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