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Caderzone Terme family routes

GREEN ROUTE: centro storico e maso curio

In front of the town hall, take the road on the right that goes up among the historic houses of the village and reach the “Borgo della Salute” - the historic center of the village where there are Val Rendena thermal baths - and the herdsman’s hut museum (point of interest nr 1, 3, 4). Cross the village and come out through the stone arch, turn right and go straight, pass a washboard on the left. At the end of the road, turn left and go ahead for about 500 mt up to a crossroads with a stone fountain. Take the road on the right towards Curio plain (agricultural area) and pass near Maso Curio (point of interest nr 8); in front of this Maso take the road towards the play-ground, go straight ahead and go along the bicycle lane to the village. Go alongside Val Rendena golf course (point of interest nr 10) and then take the little road on the right that goes up to the state highway; go along the pavement on the right and reach the parking before the church, go down on the right and go straight ahead up to cross the state highway again. Turn left and go back to the village.


YELLOW ROUTE: Caderzone plain

From the town hall, cross the road and go to Stembo. After Magic Sport shop, turn left towards the play-ground; take the bicycle lane on the left, go along it and then alongside Val Rendena golf course and Salvadei play-ground (point of interest nr 10), turn right on a little wooden bridge. Continue to the bicycle lane up to “Li Cani” sport area and “Lago Mago” little lake; reach the pinewood in Pinzolo walking about 2 km. Just after a little pic nic area, take the road on the left of the bicycle lane and go along it up to Caderzone Terme: cross the agricultural area with the ex lazaret, the stables and farms where Razza Rendena cows are bred (point of interest nr 11, 5, 7).


ORANGE ROUTE: fitness trail

From the town hall go towards the supermarket and take the little road going up on the left. Then turn right, at the end of the road turn left and go straight on towards the crossroads with a granite fountain, which indicates the beginning of the agricultural area (point of interest nr 11). Take the road on the left (at first a made-up road and then a dirt road), go on up to cross a paved road that goes uphill; turn left and after few meters take the path on the right alongside the wood. Go on up to the end of the path, near a mountain house; just at the back of the house take the fitness trail that, crossing the wood, goes back to the village.

BLUE ROUTE: thermal spring route

From the center of the village go to the upper zone, along a path marked off by some dry stone walls Viulina road (point of interest nr 9), towards “Madonna della Neve” holiday home. Pass the house, go along the paved road up to Viulina road on the left with its peculiar cobblestones (few metres after the crossroads you reach a beautiful panoramic point on the valley). Take the cobblestones road and go up steeply along it for about 800 mt; at the crossroads take the path going down on the left and in 300 mt you reach the thermal spring (point of interest nr 2). Pass the spring, take the path going down the wood and in 20 minutes you arrive in a forest road; turn left and after about 200 mt go along the road that goes down on the right and reach a paved road near “Madonna della Neve” holiday home. From here go back to the village.


RED ROUTE: Ruina route

Facing backwards the town hall, take the road on the left, go along it towards the upper part of the village. Take the paved road towards San Giuliano lakes; get over the river, take the path that starts on the left of the hairpin turn and follow it for about 2 km up to Ruina zone. Here the wood offers a wonderful panorama on the Brenta Dolomites. Take the path alongside the meadow that goes inside the wood; follow it downhill (for about 2 km) as far as coming out the wood and reach the bicycle lane. Here turn right and take the road that crosses Curio plain, agricultural zone of Caderzone Terme (point of interest nr 11), and go back to the village.



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Routes in the historic center of the villages, provided with all public and private facilities. Maximum accessibility.
CHILDREN up to 3-6 years - EASY
Level routes with rest stops, pic nic areas, play-ground. Maximum accessibility.
 CHILDREN up to 6-9 years - MEDIUM
 Longer routes, the most of which outside the villages; higher altitude and greater height difference. Benches and rest stops. No total accessibility because of some dirt roads.
 KIDS up to 10-12 years MEDIUM-DIFFICULT
Middle altitude routes, among woods and glades. No facilites but benches. Packed lunch is recommended.
KIDS up to 13-14 years - DIFFICULT
Hiking routes with a great height difference; it is necessary a fairly good knowledge of the mountain environment. Packed lunch.






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