Die 3 schönsten Winterwanderungen in Madonna di Campiglio



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Über traumhafte Tiefschnee Hügel und imposante Gipfel der Dolomiten, sind Stille und wildromantische Winterlandschaft ein ganz besonderes Erlebnis!


Snow can be fascinating, charming, seducing. When white becomes the dominant color and it covers both tops and lands, the best sensation is to try what snow shoes (in dialect called “ciaspole”) can offer: a complete immersion in nature, experienced at the rhythm of your own pace.

We suggest you three itineraries:

  • Lake Nambino, for those who want to try snow-shoes for the first time with a “soft” itinerary;
  • Spinale-Graffer: longer, through a landscape that, except for the color white, reminds of the desert dunes;
  • Cima Roma: for the most trained, to admire the imposingness of the Dolomites from the tip of one of its tops.


Towards Lake Nambino, to discover an enchanted landscape

It’s the itinerary that everyone loves and that everyone can do, both experts and new snow shoes lovers. Starting from the Piana di Nambino, a little more northern than Madonna di Campiglio, the itinerary continues through firs and larches; the silence that surrounds you, only broken by the sound of nature: snow falling, water running under an ice layer, the singing of a bird. Following the track, you can ascend towards the basin that embraces lake Nambino. When you get out of the evergreen trees, the lake appears all of a sudden, with its typical sapphire summer color that becomes white and silky in winter, surrounded by steep walls that end on high tops.
Time (roundtrip): 1,5 h
Difficulty: easy

From Monte Spinale to Rifugio Graffer, to walk in snow dunes

Have you ever seen a mountain landscape that reminds you of a desert? It’s an unusual thing, but walking from Monte Spinale to Graffer mountain hut really reminds of sand dunes… only difference? They’re white and decorated by the signs of wind. The walk starts from Monte Spinale - reachable by Spinale cable car- from where you can descend towards Grostè and arrive at the feet of the Brenta Dolomites. The Dolomitic group accompanies the view for the whole walk, offering new and unusual points of view. The route can be longer starting from Madonna di Campiglio town center, along the street that reaches Malga Fevri, to follow the track till Graffer refuge.
Time (roundtrip): 4,5 h
Difficulty: medium-easy

From Grostè to Cima Roma, to admire the amazing Dolomites

Yes! you can feel the satisfaction to reach one of the tops of the Brenta Dolomites even with snow shoes, without being an expert alpinist.
We are talking about Cima Roma, reachable with a panoramic itinerary which starts from from the top station of Grostè cable car. Just outside Stoppani refuge you can walk on the side of the ski run towards Grostè pass and the arrival of the cable car.
Once passed over the cable car you’ll leave behind the skier area: everything becomes slower and more silence, the snow cover becomes softer, only moved by the wind. The path continues in a snowy and sunny basin, with tender up and downs that move the path. At the end of the plain way, a steep ascend brings you right to the top of Cima Roma. There, in front of you, a breath-taking panorama: the Brenta Dolomites, the Val di Sole at the bottom and, just beneath, lake Molveno, a blue jewel nestled in the stones and the snow of the Dolomites.
Time (roundtrip): 6,5 ore
Difficulty: medium


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