Val Rendena Churches

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The sacred side of Val Rendena: churches and guided tours

Val Rendena possesses a rich heritage of sacred landmarks in the form of the great many churches that rise majestically above the area’s towns. In some towns, you will find more than one, such as in Carisolo, Pinzolo, or Madonna di Campiglio.

Most of these holy places, all marked by simple, geometric features, are adorned by the work of the Baschenis family of traveling fresco artists from Averaria, in the province of Bergamo.

Several members of this family worked in dozens of churches throughout the Giudicarie, Val di Sole, Val di Non, and Val di Molveno areas for over seventy years, from circa 1470 to 1540.

Guided tours and visiting hours

During the high season, the churches are open to the public and guided tours with local experts are available.

Pinzolo - Chiesa di S. Vigilio

The church was frescoed with the important Danza Macabra by Simone Baschenis in 1539, with the message of equality in front of death. Together with the internal frescos, it represents the biggest art exhibition bySimone Il Baschenis di Averara.

Info & guided tours: Azienda per il Turismo 0465 447501.

Carisolo - Chiesa cimiteriale di S. Stefano

On the cemeterial church there is a fresco of the Danza Macabra and other important works by Baschenis. Audio guides available free of charge in English, German, and Italian.

Info & reservations: Pro Loco Carisolo, +39 0465 501392.

Pelugo - Chiesa S. Antonio Abate

The church is characterized by some frescoes by the paintersi Cristoforo and Simone Baschenis. It's open to public, with the chance of guided tours.

Info & reservations: +39 347 4010216


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Office Madonna di Campiglio

+39 0465 447501

Office Pinzolo

+39 0465 501007