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Discover Val Rendena by bike


The Rendena valley is crisscrossed by some 30 km (19 mi) of bike trails connecting Madonna di Campiglio to towns and villages such as Villa Rendena, Tione di Trento, Ponte Pià, and Ragoli. The trails alternate between sections of false flat and brief climbs for a rolling itinerary along the banks of the Sarca River that provides cyclists of all ages and skill levels a fun outing in which to enjoy the fresh mountain air without getting overly tired.

Cycle path: map and technical information


  • Length: 30 km, from Madonna di Campiglio to Ponte Pià.
  • Downhill altitude difference: 148 m.
  • Uphill altitude difference: 424 m.
  • Surface: asphalt and short paved road
  • Recommended season: spring, summer and autumn
  • Traffic: limited, shared with roadway through towns and in certain other sections


Starting in Madonna di Campiglio, the route heads down for about 13 km (8 mi) to Pinzolo along a mostly paved road (with a maximum gradient of not more than 10%) that features stunning views of the Dolomites and the Brenta valley. Once in Pinzolo, you can return to Madonna di Campiglio with the bike-and-ride bus service, or you can continue your bike ride along the valley. The 17 km (10.5 mi) route from Pinzolo to Tione is paved and well marked and takes you along an enjoyable descent broken up by a number of flat and brief uphill sections.

You will first pass Piana di Curio, an agricultural area in Caderzone Terme, where you will see several farm buildings and vast fields that make this landscape unique. As you continue on, you will reach Parco Crosetta and then Mortaso, Spiazzo and Borzago. After a brief uphill section, you will pass Ches and then reach Parco Masere, in Pelugo, before riding through the meadows of Vigo, Darè and Javrè. Once in Villa Rendena, you can continue on to Sesena di Tione, Preore, Ragoli and Ponte Pià.

The return trip can be done by bike, e-bike, or using the Garda Dolomiti bike-and-ride bus service.

Follow the trails of Val Rendena and discover its hidden treasures


Val Rendena, the valley that runs from Madonna di Campiglio to Villa, is known as the “Green Valley” because of the intense green of the nature in which it is immersed. Old-growth forests and woodlands descend the slopes and brush up to the quaint alpine towns and villages with their hidden treasures of art and history: medieval churches with frescos dating back to the second half of the 15th and first half of the 16th centuries by the Baschenis, traveling painters from Averara, in the province of Bergamo; capitellos (roadside shrines); museums featuring the customs and traditional crafts of the Val Rendena area; historic town centers that preserve their ancient architecture; squares and fountains that one happens upon when walking through the narrow streets of the towns; and landscapes of rare beauty in which nature and man’s handiwork come together as one.


Madonna di Campiglio: 1. Museo delle Guide e delle Genti di Campiglio; 2. Santa Maria Antica Church

Sant'Antonio di Mavignola: 3. Sant’Antonio Abate Church

Carisolo: 4. Nardis Falls; 5. Santo Stefano Church; 6. Chestnut grove; 7. Antica Vetreria

Pinzolo: 8. San Vigilio Church

Giustino: 9. Santa Lucia Church; 10. Town hall

Massimeno: 11. San Giovanni Battista Church

Caderzone Terme: 12. Maso Curio; 13. Val Rendena-Sant’Antonio Spa, Casa della Cultura, Museo della Malga

Strembo: 14. Adamello Brenta Nature Park

Bocenago: 15. Historic center; 16. Galleria "Come eravamo"; 17. Masanel Falls

Mortaso; Fisto, Spiazzo, Borzago: 18. Fountains; 19. Fountains; 20. Museum of the White War of Adamello; 21. San Vigilio Church 22. Da Togno Court

Pelugo: 23. Sant'Antonio Abate Church

Vigo Rendena: 24. Bicigrill; 25. Capitello delle quattro facce; 26. Grotto of the Madonna of Lourdes

Darè: 27. Casa Cüs

Javrè, Villa Rendena: 28. Casa Guste; 29. Santa Maria Assunta Church 30. Madonna della Misericordia Church and Pafsang park

Verdesina: 31. Church of Saints Roch and Sebastian

Tione di Trento: 32. San Vigilio Church

Montagne: 33. Villa Santi

Ragoli: 34. Iron




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