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Dolomiti Natural Wellness: a Natural Spa


A holiday is more and more a moment to devote to yourself, to your well-being and to yourhealth. Often this need is met by the services of our wellness centers and personal treatments, but the Dolomiti Natural Wellness project - an idea and a registered trademark of the Azienda per il Turismo S.p.A. Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo Val Rendena - offers you an experience that goes beyond these concepts, bringing well-being back to its original source - Nature - and making the whole region a real Natural Spa with its magical natural environments!


The fundamental idea behind Dolomiti Natural Wellness is first and foremost that the natural elements - the clear and crystalline water, the wind and the fresh and pure air, the essences of the forest, the sun and the light - are the main agents of our well-being.


The benefits we can enjoy on a psychophysical level from spending time in Nature are manifold, and range from the absorption of volatile healthy substances for the body (one of the components that underlies the “bath in the forest” or Shinrin-Yoku) to the power of fascination that Nature exerts on our psyche, and which activates in us an involuntary, unfocused attention, characterized by the absence of effort and a holistic perception towards the environment, regenerating our psychic energies” (from “La via del freddo alla felicità” by Andrea Bianchi, Vallardi Editor).


Following this inspiration, Dolomiti Natural Wellness invites you to discover and experience wellness in Nature through 6 “elements” or fundamental practices, along 8 routes specially designed for this experience. Passionate and competent people will guide you, real Wellness Trainers, and experts in specific practices such as Barefoot Walking or Yoga, and other activities all united by a holistic vision of the person and the environment.


The proposed practices are always accessible to anyone, without particular effort, and are suitable both for those who are already familiar with the activities in Nature, and for those who lead a sedentary life and are looking for incentives to improve their lifestyle.


Let us accompany you with confidence and immerse yourself in the Natural Spa. You will feel reborn!


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