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Light by nature, sophisticated by character

Surgiva mineral water is the perfect ally for a healthy and natural lifestyle.

After a long underground journey through endless glaciers, Surgiva gushes forth from a spring at high altitude, in the midst of unspoilt nature. Surgiva comes from the heart of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, in Trentino.

With its fixed residue of only 0.041 g/l, Surgiva is an extremely light water, with only a tiny mineral content and a neutral flavour: it does not alter the taste of the foods and wines which it accompanies. For this reason, Surgiva is particularly appreciated as it foster the hydration and the exchange of fluids necessary to the metabolism.

Furthermore, Surgiva contains a very low level of sodium, only 0.001 g/l, making it particularly suitable for those following low-sodium diets. In fact, small quantities of sodium prevent hypertension and water retention, and imperfections caused by it.

Even if calcium is positive for the development of bones and teeth in children, it can become negative if it is present in high quantities (>0.1 g/l), especially for those suffering from calculus. Surgiva, instead, contains just 0.007 g/l and therefore it is suitable in the prevention from osteoporosis and hypertension.

The extremely low nitrate content (0.005 g/l) bears witness to the extraordinary purity of the spring from which Surgiva comes. The World Health Organization recommends mineral water with a nitrate limit of 0.01 g/l for pregnant women and children. Furthermore, Surgiva contains bicarbonates (0.002 g/l), which facilitate digestive processes and are indicated in sports.

Finally, the exceptional qualities of Surgiva are protected by the glass bottle, ideal for enhancing and preserving the organoleptic characteristics.

­­­­­­Dry residue at 180 °C 0.041 g/l

Very low mineral content water

pH 6.8

Sodium (Na+) 0.001 g/l

Temperature at spring 6.9 °C

Nitrates (NO3-) 0.005 g/l

Ideal for low-sodium diets


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