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Find out the details of the Triathlon Campiglio route

Triathlon Campiglio route

The Triathlon Campiglio involves the swim start in the little lake of Madonna di Campiglio: entrance in the north side of the lake (small ladder), and exit to the south side, after covering 5 swimming lanes (150 meters long each one).

The competition goes on with cycling, which starts in the transition area with a fitted carpet and, after 7 laps along a technical route on a paved road in the centre of the village, it returns in the transition area when running starts.

Running takes place in the centre of the village and ends after 4 laps, surrounded by the wonderful scenery of the little lake.


750 meters in the beautiful little lake of Madonna di Campiglio
The route is bounded by buoys.

The start: heats of maximum 90 athletes
The entrance: north side of the lake
The exit: south side of the lake

Number of lanes: 5
Width of lanes: 10 meters
Length of each lane: 150 meters
Total length: 750 meters


20 kilometers along a technical paved route, with short ascents and closed to traffic, in the wonderful mountain and wooded landscape that surround Madonna di Campiglio. Speed counter at the beginning of each lap.
Number of laps: 7
Length of laps: 6 laps of 3,1 km each and 1 lap of 1,3 km
Total length: 19,9 km


5,1 kilometers along a paved route closed to traffic.
At the end of each lap, timing bands will be delivered.
Number of laps: 4
Length of laps: 3 laps of 1,33 km and 1 lap of 1,14 km
Total lenght: 5,1 km

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