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Trekking Rosa, hiking for health

Stroll along the trails of Trentino alongside doctors and mountain guides to promote breast cancer awareness.

There will be five Trekking Rosa events around the Trentino region to promote breast cancer awareness and prevention.The brainchild of Chiara De Pol, a young woman who faced cancer and beat it, the initiative is being supported by the organization Lilt di Trento, and aims to disseminate information about breast cancer prevention and treatment with the help of various doctors specialized in related fields.

The five hikes are all free of charge and open to all (enrollment required) and will feature the enthusiastic involvement of the Trentino Mountain Guides Association.

Each of the hikes will also include the participation of a different medical doctor specialized in a related field, who will be on hand to provide information and answer questions.

At the summit, there will be an opportunity to discuss breast cancer in greater detail, with a particular emphasis on prevention, what to do in the event of a diagnosis and treatment and, above all, what practical steps can be taken to prevent breast cancer.

Each hike, a metaphor for the journey and the sharing of knowledge in relation to breast cancer, will be documented on the various social channels of Donne di Montagna (Facebook, Instagram and blog), a leading point of reference in Italy for women who love the mountains.


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