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Tips and tricks for a healthy mind and healthy body.

Doing the Dolomiti Natural Wellness itineraries doesn’t require any particular experience in the recommended disciplines or any special athletic training. Everyone is invited to participate, and here are few suggestions for those who are approaching holistic wellness for the first time:

  • It all starts with the breath: breathing deeply slows the heart rate, relaxes muscles, focuses the mind, and is the ideal way to start out in Dolomiti Natural Wellness.

  • When meditating, close your eyes and focus on the various parts of your body, working up from the bottom, and relax fully. Start with your feet, then up your legs to your hips, chest, and so on until your whole body is completely relaxed. Don't forget to relax your shoulders, neck, eyes, and jaw - areas where you are likely to build up tension throughout the day. Meditation is a simple, effective way to calm the mind, relax the body, and find that inner peace you need to bring order to the chaos of daily living.

  • Don’t seek perfection in movement when doing the Sun Salutation; over time and through repetition, the sequence will get easier and easier.

  • Do Natural Walking at your own pace. If you feel you are getting tired and your heart rate is altered, don’t worry: just stop for a few minutes, slow your heart rate, and then head back to the start.

  • Take a small towel with you; this will be particularly useful when doing the Natural Kneipp and Barefoot Trails.

  • Put light foods in your sack lunch, better if based on local produce.

  • If possible, leave your mobile phone behind or turn it off. Enjoy the profound contact with nature, stay focused on the now, and listen to your breathing.


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