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viale Dolomiti di Brenta 84 (D6)
38086 Madonna Di Campiglio

T +39 0465 440100

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Gourmet Restaurant "Il Convivio"


The gourmet restaurant "il Convivio" is the gourmet restaurant of the Alpen Suite Hotel.


The dining area is divided into two distinct environments: the old-style dining hall decorated in natural larch wood and the traveler’s parlor room.

Intimate settings characterized by a charming, refined ambience where creativity and tradition blend together in an explosion of flavors.

Chef Samuel Melani offers a genuine, delicate cuisine that enhances the natural products of the region. Flavorful dishes to accompany an extensive selection and wines and, last but not least, in the cozy cigar lounge, a selection of aged rums served with Italian and Cuban cigars.


Dinner 19:30 to 21:30 Reservation recommended

Lunch 12:00 to 14:30


At lunch, the food and wine bar offers a light and appetizing menu of various delicacies.

Open daily during the high season.


How did the name “Il Convivio” come about?

The frescoes on the outside of the Alpen Suite Hotel, work of the master Marcello Pola from Trentino, depict the imaginary medieval world of each of us.

In 1186 in Madonna di Campiglio, the old hospice of St. Maria was founded with the aim of providing assistance to travelers.

Marcello Pola has recreated this journey through the frescoes of these travelers “... throughout an epic journey woven with fantasy, we meet pilgrims and knights on their way to paradise populated by strange animals and plants unknown. Tired and hungry, at nightfall, the reach the old hospice where they find rest and relaxation around the fire ... “

The old hospice of St. Maria is depicted by Pola in the fresco of the central tower showing this moment in all its forms: from the cup to the plate, from the table to the pleasure of dining.

From this came the name of the gourmet restaurant of the Alpen Suite Hotel: “Il Convivio”.


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